Gingerbread Houses That Look as Good as They Taste ...

It's that time of year, when people everywhere try their hand at putting together cookie houses. Now, I am not good, at all, at gingerbread houses but if I was looking for some inspiration, I'd take a look below. So, all you cookie-house overachievers, which is your fave?

1. The Pink House

How cute is this house?

2. The 'up' House

This is so effing cool!

3. Mini Houses

I love these!

4. The Princess House

Fit for a little princess!

5. Harry Potter!!!

I love, love, love this house.

6. Winter Wonderland House

Best house ever

7. Fairytale House

I'd live here!

8. Red, White & Blue House

So American.

9. The Log Cabin

This looks so great!

10. The Peppermint House

This is perfect for any peppermint lover.

11. Frozen Gingerbread House

This is one you won't want to let go!

12. Watch Tower!

This is one of my favorites for sure!

13. Yes, This is a Gingerbread House

How. Freaking. Cool!

14. Funfetti House!

It's so pastel-like.

15. Short & Squishy

This one is so adorbs!

16. All That Piping

You've gotta have talent for this one!

17. Christmas Cottage

All you need is snow!