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If you don’t own a pair of kitchen shears, drop everything right now and go get yourself a pair. They are going to totally revolutionize your kitchen. You will be amazed at how handy and useful they really are. You can get kitchen shears in a range of prices, so you can definitely find a pair in you price range. You will wonder why you ever waited so long to buy a pair. Here are some great things to do with your shears, but this isn’t all so share your own great techniques too.

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Dice Herbs

Who wants to take the time to dice fresh herbs with a knife? Not me. Plus, the knife makes them look all raggedy and bruised. Use your kitchen shears instead. This is especially perfect for chives, thyme and rosemary, but done carefully, you can also cut up other herbs with your shears.


Slice Pizza

Surprised? I was too the first time I saw a friend do this. She removed a whole pizza from the oven, then used her shears to cut it up in just a couple of seconds. Cool, right? Obviously you’ll have to wash them well before you do anything else with them, but kitchen shears will give you evenly cut pizza slices so fast it will still be too hot to eat when you’re done.


Open Packages

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a package with a tearing notch that doesn’t work. Grrrr! Your kitchen shears will save the day. Simply snip the notch a bit deeper, than tear away. This works for cheese bags and individually wrapped fillets of fish. I have personal experience with both of those irritating packages. If you do use your kitchen shears on a food product, wash them before and after to prevent contamination.


Cut Chilies

I love spicy foods and cooking with chilies, but if you have ever experienced the agony of rubbing your eyes afterward, you might be reluctant to do so. Grab your kitchen shears and use them instead. Not only will the entire job go much more quickly, but you won’t have to worry about spicy fingers making your eyes burn.


Dice Mushrooms

My family enjoys several meals that call for very tiny diced mushrooms. It takes forever to cut them up. With my kitchen shears, I can dice the entire package in just a fraction of the time. You’ll still have to do one or two at a time, but chances are the shears make much quicker work of the task than a chopping knife.


Cut Meat

If you have a recipe that calls for bite size chunks of meat, use your kitchen shears for clean, even cutting. This works for thawed meats, but will be tough if it is still frozen. Use your shears to make fish or chicken nuggets or to cut beef to make stew or stir fry. They are also ideal for dicing bacon or ham. What could possibly be easier?


Making Noodles

Homemade noodles are a tasty thing that I hardly ever make because it takes forever to cut the noodles. Using kitchen shears means getting evenly cut noodles that are consistent in size and shape in just a few minutes. Hello, homemade chicken noodle soup!

Do you have a pair of kitchen shears? What tasks do you use them for? I hope you learned something new here that will inspire you to get into the kitchen and make something yummy!

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I always have several pairs in the kitchen. Use them for everything. I wash them after each use. Keep a couple pair in the bathroom & in my desk.

I Love ..Love.. my kitchen shears ! I have a pair that is made to pop apart for cleaning. They are the best , such a simple idea and works perfectly!

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