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7 Great Uses for Yoghurt ...

By Holly

Think eating and drinking are the only uses for yoghurt? Think again! There are so many different things you can use yoghurt for that don’t involve ingesting it (as yummy as it is!), including plenty of wonderful beauty tricks. Check out these amazing, unconventional uses for yoghurt and try them for yourself!

1 Teeth Whitener

Just one of the many awesome uses for yoghurt is teeth whitening! Stop paying heaps for teeth whitening treatments from the chemist or your dentist - just rub some yoghurt onto your teeth every day and within a few weeks, you’ll notice that your teeth are white and sparkly! This is due to the calcium and phosphorous found in yoghurt. Yummo!

2 Fabulous Facial

There are so many benefits to using yoghurt on your skin - it works as an amazing moisturiser, it brightens your skin, it reduces the effects of ageing, it gets rid of dark circles under your eyes and it fights acne and pimples. Is there anything it can’t do!? You can either massage plain yoghurt into your face, leave it for 10 minutes, then wash it off, or you can combine it with other great foods like honey and oats and make a face mask.

3 Soothing Sunburn

Naturally, yoghurt contains a bit of zinc, which helps to reduce the sting, itchiness and burning sensation caused by sunburn. Try mixing some of your favourite essential oil into your yoghurt before putting it on your sunburn, as this will also help to sooth the inflamed skin. Just make sure you wash it off before going to bed!

4 Moss Maker

Feel like getting crafty? If you’ve got a wall, a sculpture or something similar in your garden that you think is looking a bit shabby, try growing moss on it! Make sure the item you want to make mossy is in a cool, shaded area, then paint it all over with yoghurt. After a while, you’ll begin to notice moss growing where you painted!

5 Natural Conditioner

Considering how good yoghurt is for your skin, it’s no wonder it’s good for your hair and scalp as well! Yoghurt really helps to bring out the shine in hair, so try using it in place of your conditioner or as a hair mask. It also helps sooth an inflamed scalp, reduces hair loss and completely banishes split ends.

6 Edible Finger Paint

If you’ve got kids who love to finger paint (or maybe you’re an adult who loves to finger paint too!), then try using yoghurt - just add a few drops of food colouring until the yoghurt reaches the colour you’d like, then get painting! You won’t have to worry about your children accidentally eating paint again.

7 Rejuvenating Scrub

It couldn’t be easier to make a delicious, natural scrub for your hands, feet and body! Just mix yoghurt with oats (or even dried citrus peel!), then massage into your skin in a firm, circular motion. This will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, and it’s a great trick for after shaving.

Who knew there would be so many other things you can do with yoghurt!? Not only is it really healthy, but it’s also really versatile! Just ensure that you use plain, natural yoghurt for these projects. Have you tried any of these yoghurt tricks? Are there any other uses you know of?

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