Groceries to Grab and Go for the Gals Who Hate Shopping ...


Groceries to Grab and Go for the Gals Who Hate Shopping ...
Groceries to Grab and Go for the Gals Who Hate Shopping ...

Going food shopping isn't all that much fun and that's why you need this list of groceries to buy when you hate shopping.

Having a road map for the grocery store will help you buy groceries and leave in 0.2 seconds. Also, with the right groceries, you won't consume junk. With the holidays fast approaching, these also might come in handy. Search your grocery ads for sales and stock up! The following are some basic groceries to buy when you hate shopping.

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Use it raw in a salad or as a side dish cooked in butter and with cheese melted over it (easy to do in the microwave).



Use it for a salads, soups, wraps, lasagna or egg dishes.

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Healthy Cereal

These may sound a bit boring, but do you want all of that sugar? No. Cereals such as Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran or Kashi can be livened up with some canned fruit on top.



Throw it in the crockpot with some raisins and water on HIGH for 4 hours. Very delicious!


Skim Milk

Skim milk has less saturated fat with same amount of calcium.


Low-fat Cottage Cheese

This is a wonderful source of calcium and protein. For added flavor, put some canned peaches on top.



Obviously, it's a good source of calcium. Melt some with your scrambled eggs for yumminess.



There are so many ways to prepare eggs, such as omelets, scrambled, sunny side up, etc. They are a good source of protein.


Tuna in Water

Obviously it's good for tuna salad sandwiches, but also on saltines or a topping for salad.


Lean Beef

Buy 95% lean to save fat and calories.


Salad Dressing

Buy the salad dressing you like. This way, you will be motivated to have more salads in your diet.


Canola Oil

Olive oil is the best, but expensive. Vegetable oil is cheap but not healthy. Canola is in the middle.


Red Wine Vinegar

Combined with canola oil, red wine vinegar makes a healthier and tastier salad dressing alternative!


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