7 Important Grocery Items Worth Spending on ...


7 Important Grocery Items Worth Spending on ...
7 Important Grocery Items Worth Spending on ...

Which are the grocery items worth spending on? We're all keen to get our shopping bills down. But in some cases buying cheap can be a false economy, either because of the low quality or because we don't like the taste. What is the point of picking a cheap coffee, for example, if you hate drinking it? It would be better to buy a more expensive brand that you like, and drink coffee less often. We should also devote more of our budget to buying healthy food. Here are some of the grocery items worth spending on …

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Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables One of the grocery items worth spending on has to be fruit and vegetables. You might think that they're too expensive these days, but leaving them out of your diet could cost your health dearly. Even if you're on a tight budget you can still afford fruit and veggies by cutting out processed treats. You'll be surprised how much you spend on junk food, so free up the money for healthy food instead.



Bread Cheap bread is tasteless and lacking in nutrients. Compare a low-priced white sliced loaf to a healthy home-baked wholegrain loaf, and the white loaf tastes even worse than it already did. Yet we automatically buy horrid sliced bread. Try making your own if you have time - it's not that complicated, tastes much nicer and is far healthier. If you're busy, buy a good quality loaf from a bakery.


Household Cleaning Products & Detergent

Household Cleaning Products & Detergent Have you ever noticed how awful cheap cleaning products smell? They're not even that effective at doing the job they're intended for. What's more, they're bad for the environment and your skin. Besides, cheap detergent ruins your clothes. So pay that little bit more for a decent product.


Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper It's never worth buying cheap toilet paper. Cheap toilet paper is HORRIBLE. If you buy it, you'll soon have to stock up again, as it just isn't as, well, absorbent. So never be tempted to cut the grocery budget by picking up "bargain" toilet paper. Your family will most definitely not thank you for inflicting the equivalent of sandpaper on their delicate skin …



Eggs Can you tell the difference between cheap eggs and more expensive ones? I don't know. But I do know that cheap eggs are cheap for a reason - the birds suffer terribly so that you can buy cut-price eggs. Spend a bit more and buy free-range eggs. For just a few cents per egg, you can ensure that they come from hens kept in decent conditions. That's definitely worth spending more on.



Meat Meat is another item you should spend more on, rather than buying cheap. There are two very good reasons for this. Firstly, it's better for your health, as cheap meat is poor quality and full of additives. Secondly, intensively farmed meat involves a great deal of cruelty towards the animals. Opt for humanely raised meat instead - it's better to buy less meat of better quality.


Orange Juice

Orange Juice Cheap orange juice is made from concentrate, so you're drinking juice that's had the water taken out of it, then added again. Where's the sense in that? Juice from concentrate tends to be more acidic and unpleasant. Buy pure juice instead, or squeeze your own. It may cost twice as much, but the price is justified. It's much tastier and healthier.

I'm all in favor of cutting down grocery bills, but with some items you do get what you pay for. Cheap groceries are often tasteless and lacking in nutrition. It's far better to focus your budget on buying healthy, nutritious basics and cooking from scratch. Some non-food items also show how buying cheap can be a waste of your money. Which groceries would you never skimp on, no matter how tight money was?

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I agree that detergents that are cheap really do ruin your clothes. I\'ve been spending more on them lately and mmm mmm my clothes smell great and look so much better too.

Superb advice

Great advice

Sorry, but "free-range" does not ensure that chickens are kept in humane conditions. This term is not regulated, and it basically means that the chickens aren't in cages 100% of the time. Even if they are let out doesn't mean they are let outside, or given enough space for each chicken's feet to touch the floor.

Sorry to disagree with you vis-a-vis cleaning products but there are SO MANY great 'recipes' for cleaning products using mainly edible (and thus eco) ingredients for a fraction of the price that work well

The orange juice thing is true I live in a country where there isn't many fresh things a lot of the foods come from other countries. I am from a country where everything is so fresh and great and since I been in this country the orange juice is either really sour or watered down its gross. The veggies and fruit rot very quickly too don't know why it's weird.

I learned alot from this! Thanks!

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