8 Guilt Free 🀀 Low Cal Desserts 🍨 ...


Eating sweet treats shouldn’t feel like you are doing something wrong. There are plenty of low-calorie desserts out there that you can indulge in to tame that sweet tooth.

1. Mini Strawberry Cheesecake

8 dessert dishes

4 dates

1/3 c almonds

1 c diced strawberries

ΒΌ c strawberry preserves

2 tsp lemon juice

Β½ c low-fat Greek yogurt

2 tbsp coconut palm sugar

Β½ c fat-free cream cheese

Beat together the lemon juice, yogurt, sugar, and cream cheese until smooth. Refrigerate this mixture for later.

Mix together the strawberries and preserves. Pulse the almonds in a food processor until in crumbs, but not flour. Pulse in the dates. Divide the almond and date mixture in the dessert dishes. Spoon in the cream cheese mixture and then top it with the strawberry mixture.

Banana Pudding
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