7. Scharffen Berger Dark Unsweetened

Scharffen Berger Dark Unsweetened

With a 99% cacao content, this stuff is for those of us devoted to hard core chocolate. I personally can’t get enough of the pure, dark stuff. I went off sugar nine years ago and haven’t looked back. This is my favorite chocolate without sugar, and it has added vanilla essence to it. The cacao content is so high that I know I’m getting tons of antioxidants in one little square of this bar. Add a square to your smoothies, coffee or desserts to start out with if you’re new to really dark chocolate. If you’re a little braver, just have a couple of squares all by themselves like I do for a 5 p.m. pre-dinner treat!

This brand also carries dark bars in 70% and 82% cacao content if you want a little more sweet taste versus the dark taste. Scharffen Berger bars are commercially available at Whole Foods and in some supermarkets, or you may buy it online through various retailers.

Though I don’t always buy these trendier bars, they are my top 7 favorites for seeking out the really good stuff. Dark chocolate can be such a healthy treat in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself from this indulgence! Life is too short to live without nature’s perfect superfood! Plus, I find I’m generally more upbeat after eating it and get a little lift in energy too without the crash of an extra coffee during the day. Whenever you are looking to buy healthier dark chocolate, always aim for at least 70% cacao content or higher. Even better are the dark chocolate bars using natural sweeteners, or no sweeteners, instead of sugar or syrups in any form. What is your favorite brand of dark chocolate bar?

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