7 Healthy Choices 🍏 for Girls 🙎 Who Are Midnight Fridge Raiders 🔦 ...

I know why the fridge has a light: to aid and abet my midnight snacking. If you're a midnight fridge raider, too, chances are, you're also wondering what you can munch on without wrecking your diet in the wee hours. Here are a few of my faves.

1. Cherry Tomatoes

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A quick handful of these tasty little tomatoes contains about 25 calories (5 for each tomato) and they're loaded with all sorts of good-for-you vitamins, like C and A. They'll satisfy your craving for something savory.

2. Greek Yoghurt

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If you want something sweet and creamy, grab the Greek (yoghurt). A little container only has 100 calories, and it's got lots of protein, so you'll feel full for the rest of the night.

3. Pretzel Rods

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They're made of exactly the same thing, so why are pretzel rods better for midnight snacking than the little twists? Who knows. They'll help with a salt or crunch craving.

4. Blueberries

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There's nothing sweeter than a handful of fresh blueberries, so they'll make a marvelous midnight snack. They come in at only 85 calories per heaping handful, so you won't wreck your diet with this snack.

5. Green Beans

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If you've only ever had cooked green beans, you're missing out! They make an excellent snack when eaten raw, and there are only 31 tiny calories in a snack-sized serving. Crunch!

6. Dark Chocolate

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Sometimes you just have to splurge, and dark chocolate's a guilt-free way to treat yourself, even when it's past your bedtime. One small square, melting on your tongue, only contains 150 calories, and it's so satisfying!

7. Milk

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I know this sounds weird, but milk can be a snack, too! It's more filling than water, and if since it's not loaded with sugar or caffeine, like juice, coffee, or tea, you can have a glass without sacrificing sleep for the next few hours.

What are your other go-to healthy(ish) midnight snacks? (I also like almonds, but... you know... only so much room on my list...) Do tell!

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