7 Healthy Cooking Resolutions to Make in 2019 ...


7 Healthy Cooking Resolutions to Make in 2019 ...
7 Healthy Cooking Resolutions to Make in 2019 ...

Have you made some healthy cooking resolutions for 2015? If so, that’s a great thing. It’s always good to be interested in how to eat healthier. But if you’re not sure exactly where to start, use these tips to help you keep your healthy cooking resolutions.

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Bake More, Fry Less

One of the easiest healthy cooking resolutions to keep is to bake more and fry less. Baking is a much healthier alternative to frying foods. You can bake many meats as well as baking things like french fries and onion rings. It takes a bit of adjusting to get used to foods that aren’t fried, but in time you may find that you prefer them baked. There are also many recipes that can give your food the breading you’re craving while still being baked in the oven.


Switch Your Oil

Switching your oil is another easy cooking resolution. Extra virgin olive oil is a great choice in oils. You can use it to sauté your vegetables as well as browning meats. Extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO, is a bit more expensive but it’s much better for your health. Canola oil is a good choice for baking.


Play with Spices

You want to cut the fat out of your dishes but you don’t want to lose flavor. What’s the solution? Adding in some spices. Spices add flavor without sabotaging your diet. Instead of frying your chicken, try baking it with some lemon pepper sprinkled on top. This very flavorful spice can take your chicken to a whole new level.


Try New Vegetables

Are you stuck in a vegetable rut? It’s easy to fall into one. But when you do that, you’re really missing out. There are so many vegetables out there to try and experiment with. You can get creative with adding in vegetables when you’re cooking. Hide a bit of spinach in your lasagna or some grated carrots in your meatloaf.


Make Healthier Swaps when Baking

There are ways you can still enjoy your favorite desserts and breads by making a healthier version of them. Try substituting mashed black beans for flour in brownies or avocado for butter in chocolate cookies. You can use applesauce or mashed bananas in place of oil in recipes. There are many different ways you can make healthy swaps. It may take you a bit of practice to get it right but keep at it. The results will pay off in better health.


Start from Scratch

Packaged foods are where you often get into trouble. You’re almost guaranteed to get less nutritional value if you go for packaged items like chicken tenders or pasta meals that only require a trip to the microwave. It takes time to make things from scratch but it’s best to do so when you can. When you make a dish yourself you can control what goes into it and make the healthiest version possible. In time you’ll most likely find that you prefer your version.


Remember Fresh is Best

Fresh fruits and vegetables are better for you than the canned varieties. Frozen fruits and vegetables have also been proven to be more nutritional than canned. So when you can, go for fresh or frozen. In addition to being healthier for you, they taste best. If you’re afraid that fresh fruits and vegetables will go bad on you before you get a chance to use them, remember you can always freeze them.

What are your healthy cooking resolutions for 2019? Did any of these make the list? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

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