Healthy 💪 Mason Jar Meals 🥄 for Girls 👩 on the Go 🚗 ...

These jars are wonderful for portion control and easy for on-the-go. Jars are an obsession for women lately! Learn a few of Sara's tips!

1. Yogurt and Fruit

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Simple for breakfast.

2. Salty Snack

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Fill with snacks of your choice. The sky is the limit!

3. Fruit and Nut

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A little sweet. A little salty.

4. Veggies

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No calories!

5. Salad

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Your choice of toppings. Do not forget to place the dressing on the bottom!

6. Grapes

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Just fill up with grapes for a sweet treat!

The above are my favorites. How about you?

Who would have thought that jars would be the rage for women to have as a simple way to store healthy meals and snacks!

Thank you for watching!

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