7 Healthy Rules to Make You Love Food ...


7 Healthy Rules to Make You Love Food ...
7 Healthy Rules to Make You Love Food ...

If I told you I could teach you healthy rules to make you love food, would you believe me? I would never have believed that it’s possible to love food if you stick to the health rules – there’s just so much to remember. But if you’ve ever met a foodie, you’ll know just how much they love their food – and how much they appreciate every bite, without ever eating too much. Here’s how to gain that love for food!

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Less is More

Foodies know that a good quality ingredient is worth much more than a poor alternative – and so they use that knowledge literally. Got a recipe that calls for 4 cups of cheese? Replace the cheese for a creamy or sharp alternative, and use a lot less. 1 cup will taste great, and you’ll save hundreds of calories - this is a one of the best healthy rules to make you love food!


Reject Alternatives

Looking for something tasty? Aim for actual flavor, rather than artificial alternatives such as sugar, salt and fat. For example, reject calorific salad dressings for a few slices of pineapple or a pile of juicy berries. Skip mayo for salsa or guacamole. Real flavor tastes so much better, you’ll never go back.


Work for It

Want to appreciate really great food? Stop buying processed foods. You might find frozen or refrigerated goods convenient, but they won’t taste half as good as something you make yourself, even if you then freeze your own version. I swapped buying my morning muffin for making a batch of my own a week and freezing them – you can really taste the difference, and I love grating apple and adding cinnamon and lemon zest.


Enjoy Eating

Were you taught never to waste food? When money is tight, it can feel like every bite counts – but the real purpose of food is to enrich the body, and overeating is a bad idea. Make eating a mindful experience, and enjoy food when it’s at its best. Then avoid saving the leftovers from take-aways or restaurant meals. It’ll never taste as good as it did, and it’s just empty calories. Indulge once, enjoy it, then move on.


Cravings Quiz

When you next have a craving, try to work out what exactly it is that you want. If you are dying for a pizza, is it that tangy tomato flavor you are missing, or the toasty dough base? Ice cream? It could be that cool texture that you really want. By finding out what you are craving, you can find a healthy way to meet the need, and feel a lot better for it.


Luxury Indulgences

Everyone has heard to indulge themselves once in a while, but it seems we might be doing it wrong. Rather than stashing a chocolate bar in the fridge, opt for an expensive, very luxury chocolate treat instead. Dark chocolate covered pomegranates, for example, will meet the need and taste amazing. You’ll also get a much more indulged feeling.


Everything Fresh

As much as you can, use fresh ingredients. It’ll really help you grasp that foodie cooking style. While a prebought curry sauce might taste delicious, it’ll be more amazing when you’ve added your own spices. Use fresh ingredients to make salads, desserts, and main courses.

I’ll admit, it can a challenge learning to live with these healthy rules to make you love food – it really opened my eyes to how much pre-made food we eat! It’s great fun when you get started, though, and I’ve managed to reduce the grocery bill and create unique recipes that the whole family love. So what are you waiting for?! And don’t forget to share your best foodie tips and recipes below!

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I do all these

I agree that all of these tips help you love food more and help prevent overeating. Great article! The only comment I would make is that one of the best tips I've ever used to prevent weight gain and going overboard with a binge/ diet cycle is the moment you notice you are full tell yourself "I can eat this again when I am hungry" and save the leftovers. Even the tiniest bit of something can top a salad or be used creatively, or can be shared with others. Voila, no waste on your body or in the trash!

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