8 Healthy Snacks for on-the-Go ...


We live in a fast paced world, always on the go and in need of healthy snacks to take with us. It seems that we no longer have time to sit down for breakfast and lunch and eat healthy meals, but that doesn't mean you have to reach for a Pop Tart! Here are a few healthy snack choices to consider for your busy school or work schedule.

1. Fruit


Fruit is a wonderful, healthy snack choice for any age! Apples, bananas, blueberries and grapes are quick to eat, do not involve much mess and taste delicious! They are low in calories and the few calories they do have are great for you! If you have a little time to prepare fruit for your trip, you can pre-peel oranges, cut up melon, peel and slice kiwi or peaches, or slice off the tops of strawberries. Simply put these in a portable container and enjoy! Fresh fruit is one of my very favorite healthy snacks!

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