7 Healthy Spices and Herbs and Their Amazing Benefits ...


Healthy spices and herbs are everywhere, but many people don’t consider them when shopping for nutritious and beneficial foods. The truth is that most herbs and spices are low in fat and calories, but can add mega flavor to your food. That’s great if you’re watching your weight. In addition, many of them offer up specific health benefits that make them something you’ll definitely want to toss in your grocery cart. Check out these healthy spices and herbs and let me know how you cook with them.

1. Cinnamon


Who doesn’t love cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast? It’s definitely one of my favorites. I also like to mix cinnamon into pancake batter and French toast coating and it tastes wonderful sprinkled in oatmeal. It turns out that cinnamon is one of the best healthy spices you can choose. That’s because it can kill off harmful bacteria in your body, preventing illness and it aids in reducing the risk of blood clots. On top of that, cinnamon boosts cognition, promotes healthy digestion, boosts heart health and can control blood sugar. What’s not like?

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