24 Herbs 🌿 and Spices 🌢 to Use Instead of Salt 🍚 for Girls Cutting Back βœ‚οΈ on Sodium ...


Are you looking for herbs and spices to use instead of salt? Adding a pinch of salt can instantly improve any meal, but adding nothing but salt gets unhealthy and boring very quickly! To improve your cooking skills, here are some great herbs and spices to use instead of salt you can use to add more flavour to your healthy dishes.

1. Black Pepper

One of my favorite herbs and spices to use instead of salt is black pepper. Ground pepper is a staple in any savoury dish and pairs well with salt. It’s best added with salt at the start of a dish, to give a base flavour to meats or sauces. Pepper has an earthy and vaguely hot taste, but isn’t aromatic or overwhelming. Pepper tastes best when ground from whole peppercorns, and also has a lot of health benefits!

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