Here Are 7 Reasons Why Cooking at Home is Fun! ...


Cooking at home is one of the household chores that I love doing ever since I learned how to sautΓ© garlic and onions. I always loved watching cooking shows as a child and I still do now that I'm a wife and mother to 17-month-old twins who don't stop eating. Here seven reasons why I think cooking at home is extremely fun:

1. It's a Natural Air Freshener

When you have chicken noodle soup cooking on the stove, the air just smells like...home. It's amazing how a bowl of hot soup can soothe your very tired body and put order to a rather hectic, stressful day. Cooking at home is my therapy when things don't turn out well at work. Somehow, you know that all the troubles in the world will go away after simmering that soup for five minutes.

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