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Here Are 7 Reasons Why Cooking at Home is Fun

By Cris

Cooking at home is one of the household chores that I love doing ever since I learned how to sauté garlic and onions. I always loved watching cooking shows as a child and I still do now that I'm a wife and mother to 17-month-old twins who don't stop eating. Here seven reasons why I think cooking at home is extremely fun:

1 It's a Natural Air Freshener

When you have chicken noodle soup cooking on the stove, the air just smells like...home. It's amazing how a bowl of hot soup can soothe your very tired body and put order to a rather hectic, stressful day. Cooking at home is my therapy when things don't turn out well at work. Somehow, you know that all the troubles in the world will go away after simmering that soup for five minutes.

2 Kids' Smile

When they see Mom and Dad baking chocolate chip cookies, there's always unlimited supply of toothless grins from the little ones. My children run to the kitchen every single time they smell butter. I guess they know what Daddy is making in the magic room.

3 It's All Fresh

Home cooking means you know exactly the things that go into your dish. You don't have to guess what kind of preservatives were added to your burger. My husband makes our burger patties from scratch using ground beef, eggs, and natural herbs and spices - and they're really good! This goodness will never be given to you by fast food joints!

4 Manual Dexterity

Eating fast food makes you master one skill: using the microwave. With home cooking, you get to practice several skills: peeling vegetables, kneading dough, mixing batter, the work goes on. It might be tiring and requires a lot of work but there's nothing like making the best lasagna from scratch. The best food is prepared by the most hardworking people.

5 Sense of Satisfaction

When you see pancakes made just right and it's something you did, you know you ought to be given an award for the "Best Pancake in Town as of 6:52 a.m." Then there's the joy that comes with hearing family and friends commenting about how great the spaghetti sauce was or how the meat just melts in your mouth. Cooking gives you a sense of satisfaction. If you're eating a great dish, be gracious in giving out compliments. It means a lot to the cook.

lmao that makes n sense ...

6 Inexpensive Way to Bond

Growing up, I was my Dad's assistant in the kitchen. I learned how to peel potatoes, chopped onions, and dice meat by watching him work his way around the kitchen. My siblings were assigned to wash dishes, boil water, or set the table. Preparing and cooking food for dinner is truly an inexpensive way for family members to bond. It also gives each one a role to perform and accomplish.

7 Experiment with What You Have

This one I learned from my Mom - using whatever you have in the fridge to make a dish that will be liked by everyone. Not all experiments will turn out well, but you always learn from your mistakes. By the next experiment, you become better and you, more than likely, will produce a great dish that everyone will love.

Any home-cooked dish you are really good at?

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