Toppings That Will Make Your Yogurt Even More Delicious ...


Toppings That Will Make Your Yogurt Even More Delicious ...
Toppings That Will Make Your Yogurt Even More Delicious ...

I'm sure by now that you've heard how wonderful eating yogurt is for your health, right? If you're sick of eating it topped the same old way, it's time to shake things up so you can get excited about breakfast again. For each of these ideas, start with plain Greek yogurt, which contains protein, healthy fats and probiotics. Then mix and match toppings to create delicious morning meals that are good for you and that taste totally decadent at the same time. Here are some mouthwatering ideas to get you started.

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Strawberries and Granola

Strawberries and Granola


Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream Bridal Shower Ideas - Rustic


Imagine a silky blend of sweet and succulent peaches layered with luscious, rich cream cascading over your favorite creamy yogurt. This heavenly combination not only tantalizes your taste buds but also adds a beautiful pop of color to your breakfast bowl. The soft texture of peaches contrasts exquisitely with the thick creaminess of yogurt, making each spoonful an indulgent treat. Whether using fresh peaches in the summer or canned peaches during off-season months, this topping is sure to turn your ordinary yogurt into a gourmet delight that feels like a dessert.


Granola with Blueberries

Granola with Blueberries Princess Birthday Party Tea Party


Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles Fruity Pebbles Parfait - Raining


Berries and Pistachios

Berries and Pistachios 30 Vegetarian recipes you can


Fresh Bananas and Granola

Fresh Bananas and Granola


Raspberries and Mango

Raspberries and Mango 19 Overnight Oats Recipes To


Raspberries and Rolled Oats

Raspberries and Rolled Oats Granola-Yogurt Parfait


Strawberries and Bananas

Strawberries and Bananas Strawberry Banana Yogurt Parfaits Deliciously


Strawberries and Pretzels

Strawberries and Pretzels Strawberry Pretzel Salad Parfait


Berries and Bananas

Berries and Bananas Simple Yogurt Parfaits - Glorious


Pumpkin and Granola

Pumpkin and Granola All Of The Things You


Lime Zest

Lime Zest 14 Incredible Greek Yogurt Parfait


Coconut, Almonds and Chocolate

Coconut, Almonds and Chocolate


Cranberry Apple Compote

Cranberry Apple Compote 37 Delicious Things To Make


Cheerios and Berries

Cheerios and Berries


Cinnamon Apples and Quinoa

Cinnamon Apples and Quinoa Epicurean Mom: Cinnamon Apple Quinoa


Chocolate Chips and Strawberries

Chocolate Chips and Strawberries Chocolate Greek Yogurt Parfaits


Rainbow Fruit

Rainbow Fruit Rainbow Fruit and Yogurt Parfait


Blackberries and Nectarines

Blackberries and Nectarines Blackberry & Nectarine Yogurt Parfait


Bananas with Maple and Walnuts

Bananas with Maple and Walnuts Renee's Kitchen Adventures: Banana Maple


This delightful topping combination elevates the simplest of yogurts to a decadent treat. Ripe bananas, sliced and layered with the rich sweetness of maple syrup, create a luxurious base. Crunchy walnuts add just the right amount of texture and nuttiness, melding seamlessly with the smooth yogurt. Perfect for a wholesome breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack, this trio is not only satisfying to the palate but also packed with nutrients. Plus, it's a breeze to put together—a fantastic way to indulge your sweet tooth without any guilt!


Cantaloupe with Salted Pistachios

Cantaloupe with Salted Pistachios Cantaloupe Parfait With Salted Pistachios



Mangoes Mango Yogurt Parfaits - Champagne

See one you can't wait to try? What other topping ideas do you have?

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Looks sooo tasty! Can't wait to try out some ^^

Delicious !!!!!!

The apple and cinnamon would be great with the triple zero Greek yogurt! Great source of protein and calcium!

Mmmhmm so yummy!

If only I could eat through the screen...

Yummy!!! 😋

I am a yogurt and granola fanatic. 😜 I will definitely be trying out some of these ideas. This is some great inspiration right here.

Maple syrup and brown sugar is great on yogurt as well! Also frozen pineapple with a splash of orange juice and some fresh papaya chunks is tasty

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Looks great, I have to try these ideas with my Greek yogurt :-D

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