7 High Calorie Foods for Weight Loss to Stop Fearing Today ...

By Heather

7 High Calorie Foods for Weight Loss to Stop Fearing Today ...

By now you’ve probably heard that healthy fats are good for you, but did you know many high calorie foods for weight loss are often the ones we avoid the most? Sure we know avocados are good for us, we keep almonds on hand, and most of us have a bottle of olive oil in the fridge or cabinet, but you’re missing out if that’s the extent of what you eat for healthy fats. Let me show you some of my favorite, and delicious, high calorie foods for weight loss that you can stop fearing right now. Your thyroid, brain, digestive tract, metabolism and skin will all thank you in multitudes of ways, I promise!

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Coconut Oil

You might use coconut oil as a beauty aid, but did you know this is one of the best high calorie foods for weight loss? Okay, maybe you’ve heard the hype, but still haven’t jumped on board. What are you waiting for? Talk about a spoonful of energy! Coconut oil is your go-to for a metabolism booster, not to mention a liver detox, mood booster and more. You can cook with it, or add a teaspoon to smoothies, oatmeal, or whatever else you want. As a bonus, it keeps you full for hours!


Chocolate Baking Bars

You already know dark chocolate is good for you, but let me give you a secret- the real weight loss powers are found in the unsweetened baking bars. I like Sunspire, 100% unsweetened baking bars, and Ghiradelli 100% cacao unsweetened bars are a close second. These bars are nothing but 100% chocolate and are the best absolute source of chocolate you can eat. Have one square a day and you’ll never miss the sugar and fillers in those dark chocolates you’ve been eating. Plus, unsweetened baking bars contain more of those fat-burning properties that chocolate is known for, and they’re less processed. They just taste of rich, dark chocolate and I prefer them much more than the fake tasting sweeter varieties. Plus, you only need 1 or 2 squares as they are so filling, and they're also low carb!


Coconut Butter

Along with coconut oil, coconut butter is a huge pleasure fat for me. I eat it right off the spoon and find I have so much energy, often times I feel the need to go for a jog to get the energy out of me. I love taking a tablespoon right before yoga class! Plus, the fats in coconut butter are immediately used by your liver to burn fat, boost metabolism to give you energy, and are incredible for preventing depression. Raw coconut butter is made with the entire coconut shreds. You can also use it anywhere you would use nut butters, but store it at room temperature since it gets rock solid in the fridge. It won’t go rancid unlike other oils because the fats hold up better than any other fat you can consume at room temperature.


Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts have the largest amount of fat than any other nut, with walnuts being a close second. They are also high in saturated fats, but don’t worry! These nuts are just like coconut in the fact their saturated fats actually burn fat in your body. Plus, who can resist macadamia? Oh my! These delicious nuts are so ric, creamy and sweet in flavor. Just be sure you choose raw when you can and if you buy roasted, choose dry roasted and unsalted.



Ghee is essentially clarified butter. It’s amazing for your immune health, so much better than regular butter, and a little goes a long way in flavor. It’s purified and retains all the natural flavors of butter, but with many more nutrients. Contrary to belief, butter is actually amazing for your body if you use it sparingly, and use it smart. Don’t pair it with bread if you’re looking to maintain your weight, but do try it with some steamed veggies and fish. Your thyroid, metabolism and brain will thank you in major ways! Ghee is easy to find and you can keep it at room temperature for a long time. You’ll find it in the baking aisle at most supermarkets.

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Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is not the same as most hydrogenated palm oils you see used in processed nut butters or nondairy butters. Red palm oil is derived from the red palm tree, which produces fruit that lends the oils. This is a high fat oil full of flavor and rich in metabolism boosting properties. The fats also hold up well in cooking and it adds a delicious flavor wherever it is added. Nutiva makes a good brand, if you want a great variety to try.



Walnuts are another nut that is higher in fat than other varieties, but don’t avoid them! In fact, you can lose weight on walnuts due to their high omega 3 content and appetite quelling properties. Walnuts are also low in cholesterol, unsaturated fats, and high in monounsaturated fats that burn belly fat. Be sure to buy unroasted walnuts and unsalted. I like topping smoothies with them as well. Another tip - walnuts are great to help you rest! They produce melatonin in the body that promotes a healthy night’s sleep, so feel free to add a couple to your after dinner snack.

If you love fats but fear eating them out of weight gain, please, please don’t! You’re making a huge mistake and truly robbing your body of such a wonderful source of energy, and an incredibly mood boost. Plus, you won’t gain weight so long as you avoid high starch foods and sugar. Have you ever had any of these high calorie weight loss foods?

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Baking chocolate is vomit inducing haha

I love cocnut oil

I have divaticulitus so can't eat macadamias or walnuts any suggestions I do drink almond milk


Love walnuts they are really yummy and healthy.

When I don't have time for breakfast, I scoop a spoon of coconut oil right out of the jar. It takes some getting used to, and you feel like you need to chew it, but once it's all melted, it goes down fine. It's an EXCELLENT start to your day for breakfast-skippers, and it won't make you ill if you haven't had your coffee yet.

I've heard mixed reports about coconut oil/butter, some says it's healthy others say it's unhealthy! Also, where does coconut milk/cream fall in all this? :)

Coconut oil has so much saturated fat I'm not quite convinced switching from olive oil would be a good choice for myself.