How Can You Make the Perfect Cup of Tea?

Sipping a mug of tea is a super relaxing way to start or end your day. At the same time, tea is packed with antioxidants that protect your health. Green, white and black tea are perfect choices, whether you drink them plain or flavored. Ready to add some tea to your routine? Here's everything you need.

1. The Perfect Mug for Tea
Isn't this set of mugs adorable? You'll love sipping tea from any of them.

2. Take It to Go
This is perfect for taking your hot mug of tea on the go. It also works for cold iced tea if you prefer that.

3. Full Tea Set
Here's everything you need for a perfect cup of tea.

4. Tea Paper Filters
These totally natural filters give you a safe way to brew tea without changing the flavor.

5. Adorable Tea Infuser
Use this cute little plant to brew your tea just the way you love it.

6. Tea Ball
Never used a tea ball? You'll love how it changes your cup of tea.

7. Tea Strainer
Strain your favorite loose tea with this handy device.

8. Tea Organizer
Keep all of your tea in one handy place with this organizer.

9. Glass Teapot
You'll love watching your tea brew in this glass teapot.

10. Kettle Teapot
Looking for a classic way to make your tea? This is it!

11. Tea Warmer
Never suffer through a cold cup of tea again!

12. Don't Mind if I do
Could anything be more perfect for tea?

13. Hippo Tea Infuser
Making tea has never been so much fun!

14. Tea Wand
Use this handy wand to scoop tea, then place it in your mug to brew it. Cool, right?

15. Russian Tea Blends
Here's some lovely tea to stock your cabinets with. Yum!

16. Iced Tea Maker
Prefer iced tea? This machine will brew up the perfect batch in mere minutes.

17. A Place to Store It All
This cute little canister is the best place to keep all of your tea bags.

Don't you just love tea? Which of these items are you going to buy today?