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Are you trying to lose weight, but find yourself plagued by mid-morning snacking? Sometimes one bad snacking moment in the morning can ruin the rest of your day. The key to avoiding bad snacks in the AM is to eat a good breakfast and avoid behaviors that might make you more inclined to snack. Check out these seven simple ways to avoid mid-morning snacking for a healthier you!

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Start Your Day with Protein

Starting your day with protein is a sure fire way to keep sugar cravings at bay all morning long. Often reaching for a donut, croissant, or other pastry can actually set you up for cravings later in the morning. A protein-rich breakfast, such as hard-boiled eggs or an omelet, is a fantastic way to start your day.


Coffee Can Be Good, but Be Careful

When you drink coffee in moderation, it can actually be a great way to curb your appetite and prevent food cravings. But going overboard can subsequently backfire on you. Too much caffeine can actually increase cravings. Moreover, if you like to add artificial sweeteners to your coffee or tea, that can also set you up for unwanted mid-morning hunger.


Avoid Sugar-Laden Breakfast Cereals

There’s no reason you should be eating a cereal that’s made for children (and honestly, children really shouldn’t be consuming this cereal either, but that’s a story for another day). Unfortunately, your favorite kid cereals are actually loaded with sugar. This can make your blood sugar rise, then crash, ultimately setting you up with more mid-morning hunger. Ditch the sugar and opt for a cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.


Pick Important Tasks to Complete in the Morning

Sometimes we reach for food mid-morning simply because we’re bored. But what if you decided to schedule something super challenging for first thing in the morning? Chances are, hunger and food would be the last things on your mind. If you reach for food out of boredom in the mornings, try scheduling important tasks to be completed during that time period. That way you’ll be preoccupied with a task and less likely to snack.


Stay Hydrated to Curb Your Appetite

We mistake hunger for thirst all the time! This is super common, especially in the mornings when chances are you’re dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure adequate hydration. If plain old water gets boring, try adding slices of lemon, lime, or a few berries to keep things interesting.


Quit Being Lazy and Get out of the House

If all else fails, get out of the house in the mornings! Sometimes if we have an odd schedule (e.g. student, bartender), we might find ourselves with free time in the morning and be tempted to eat. When that’s the case, get out of the house for a few minutes and see if your urge to snack will subside. A simple 10-minute brisk walk might be all you need to avoid an unwanted mid-morning snack.


If You do End up Snacking, Don’t Sweat It

Sometimes even our best attempts not to snack get to us. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to eat dinner the night before and are super hungry. Maybe you know you’re going to miss lunch. No one’s schedule is exactly the same each and every day. When snack attacks happen, take them in stride and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Mid-morning snacking might be an annoying habit you’ve developed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your behavior. What are some ways you avoid unnecessary snacking?

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It's actually a proven diet and nutrition fact that having six small meals a day as opposed to 3 large ones, is better for you. Your body burns it off quicker and you don't over eat in large portions. Your body's motabolism as a result is boosted higher. So "snacking", as long as its healthy, is definitely not a problem provides you didn't have a MASSIVE breakfast or lunch.

Please explain why artificial sugars trigger cravings, if they aren't actual sugar. Nowadays, I tend to use Stevia. Good or Bad? Thoughts?

The cover picture doesn't help lol

Yes. If I ate that cover picture meal for breakfast, I wouldn't need a snack!

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