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How to Use Edible Flowers Properly ...

By Deeceebee

If you are someone who goes to a lot of fancy events, or even just someone who enjoys watching the multitude of cooking shows on offer these days, then you will be well aware of the trend of edible flowers. They look pretty, instantly making a dish look restaurant quality and Instagram ready, but are you confident enough to actually try and incorporate them in your own dishes? Don’t be scared! It might look like a fancy process but there is really nothing to it! Here is how to use edible flowers properly.

1 Clean and Green

Be careful from where you source your edible flowers for health and safety reasons. Pesticides are pretty common across the majority of commercial growers, unfortunately, but there are specific companies that offer a cleaner alternative. s.

2 Rinse

No matter where you got your flowers from, it’s always a good idea to give them a rinse and wash in a bowl of ice cold water for about 60 seconds. This doesn’t only clean them, but the shock of the ice water will also help to maintain their bright colours.

3 Taste Test

Never put anything on a dish that you haven’t already sampled. Just because it looks pretty, it doesn’t mean it is going to taste good or complement the dish! Flowers can range from spicy, bitter, sour, sweet, and everything in between, so make sure you’ve got the right combinations.

4 Pinch Petals

The little white part of the petal that connects it to the stem can often be very bitter tasting, so you want to pinch the petal just before this part to avoid any unexpected flavour surprises in the dish that you have prepared.

5 Quick Use

Edible flowers aren’t really something that will keep for very long, so you want to use them within one or two days of bringing them home. You can freeze leftovers inside ice cubes to make pretty drink accompaniments.

6 Be Creative

Don’t just stick to a few safe dishes for your edible flowers. From salads to cupcakes to drinks and everything in between, they can provide a wonderful floral boost to pretty much any meal if you know how to incorporate them properly! It’s all about trial and error, so just play around and see what works!
Here's a list of recipes using edible flowersto get you started.

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