How to Use Your Yummy Thanksgiving Leftovers πŸ¦ƒπŸ— ...


You've cleaned up the feast and your fridge is loaded with leftovers. Now what? If you don't want to recreate your Thanksgiving meal again and again, it's time to come up with some tasty ideas to use those leftovers in new ways. The options are virtually limitless, so don't be afraid to experiment. In the meantime, here are some mouthwatering ideas you will want to eat all year round.

1. Make Yourself the Ultimate Sandwich

Now before you roll your eyes and say this has been done, give me a chance because this is going to be a sandwich like none you've ever had. Start with a roll and spread it with pureed squash. Then add a layer of turkey, some stuffing and a dollop of cranberry sauce. Serve the whole thing dipped in gravy. See? That's a sandwich!

Turkey Stuffed Shells
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