How You Prepare for Thanksgiving According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How You Prepare for Thanksgiving According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How You Prepare for Thanksgiving According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

For most people, when the calendar turns from Halloween to November, that is a sign to start getting in the festive spirit and gearing up towards Christmas. If you are American, however, you’ll know that there one more big occasion in between, and this is of course, Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving in late November is a uniquely American thing filled with uniquely American traditions, and what is interesting about it is that people can prepare for it in such varied and different ways! Here is how you prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner according to your zodiac sign.

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There is no time to waste for an Aries! You set yourself so many crazy tasks before dinner that you need to set an early alarm and get going at the crack of dawn!



When it comes to cooking dinner, you don’t let anyone else step foot in the kitchen. You’re doing it your way, or you’re not doing it at all!



Preparation is everything for a Gemini. You do as much pre-cooking as you can so that you have as little to do on the actual day as possible.



You are the safe pair of hands at Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter how many people are coming over, you never forget a single thing and always execute perfectly.



For a Leo, Thanksgiving is always go big or go home! You always aim to pull off that kind of Thanksgiving that people usually only see in the movies!



You don’t mind having a little help when you ask for it, but overall, as a true Virgo, you are more than comfortable to take over and make sure everything gets done in time.



You are one of those people who concentrate only on the turkey, letting other people do the rest. As long as you nail the turkey, you are a happy Libra!



You love every single element of Thanksgiving dinner, which is why you are always first to volunteer to be the official taste tester in the family!



You are definitely the most spiritual of the signs, which is why you are always the first to offer your prayers or thoughts of thanks around the dinner table.



Money is no object for you when it comes to putting on the perfect dinner. You would rather be a little out of pocket than disappoint your guests!



You can’t please everyone at dinner, but that doesn’t stop you from trying! An Aquarius will always present ten or more sides!



Honestly, you don’t mind how the dinner turns out; you just aim to get it out on the table in time so that you can enjoy the company of family and friends!

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