7 Ideas on How to Eat More Veggies in a Flavorful Way ...


Most of us would love to know how to eat more veggies each day without sacrificing flavor. We know we need veggies and that they are good for us but they just don’t always taste as good as some of our other favorite foods. While veggies will always be veggies, there are ways to make them more flavorful and fun. Try these ideas how to eat more veggies in your daily diet.

1. Stock up on Dip

Stock up on Dip

You can’t go wrong with dip, right? My family members and I are all dip lovers. If that is the case with your family, use that to your advantage. Stock up on dip and veggies for the dip while leaving the chips behind. Keep your veggies cut up and ready to grab from the fridge and they will be ready to grab to go with your dip. This is one of the best ideas for how to eat more veggies.

Make Salads Fun
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