8 Incredible Tips for Healthy Summer Eating ...

By Alison

8 Incredible Tips for Healthy Summer Eating ...

Healthy eating in summer is easier than in winter. During the cold months, we feel more inclined to eat fatty, sugary comfort foods to console ourselves for the lack of sun. Healthy eating in summer is, on the other hand, made easier by the choice of summer produce and the fact that we feel more inclined to eat lighter, healthier meals. So here are some great tips for healthy summer eating.

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1 Fruit Mountain

One of my top tips for healthy summer eating is to take advantage of the gorgeous seasonal fruit and vegetables available in the shops. Who couldn´t be tempted by delicious melons, peaches and cherries? Include plenty of these in your diet for a summer burst of vitamins and minerals, not to mention tons of flavour!

2 Home Grown

Are you lucky enough to have space in your garden for a vegetable patch? Home grown produce is the best, as anyone who grows their own will tell you. It´s all organic, has even more flavour, and can be freshly picked for eating. Short of outside space? Try something simple like tomatoes or herbs – these will add lots of taste to your cooking and be healthy as well!

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3 Sugar Rush

I find that I´m not as keen on eating sugary cakes and desserts in summer. It´s a great opportunity to wean yourself off processed sugar and substitute it with the natural sugars of fruit. Processed sugar is notoriously bad for you, and effectively we get addicted to it. So cut down as much as you can and enjoy lovely healthy fruit instead.

4 Super Salads

Healthy eating in summer is made easier by the availability of all kinds of salad leaves. When it´s hot, we don´t always feel like cooking, but a salad can be turned into a substantial and nutritious meal. Try adding nuts, grilled chicken or fish, and serve with homemade wholemeal bread. And avoid adding high-calorie dressings!

5 Grill Thrill

Grilling is a great way of eating healthy summer food. For example, get some lovely fresh fish and grill it instead of frying. The same goes for meat and vegetables. Steaming is also an excellent way of cooking summer meals – this way, you can also cook meat and vegetables in the same pot, and save money as well as eat healthily!

6 Better Barbecues

Healthy eating in summer tends to fly out the window as we´re invited to barbecues almost every weekend. Barbecue menus tend to be dominated by red meat, which is not the healthiest option. Try chicken or fish instead, or some delicious barbecued vegetable kebabs, and add lots of salad.

7 Packing Picnics

Picnicking is one of the pleasures of summer – but it´s very tempting to pack the basket with lots of high-calorie goodies. Don´t despair though if you want to eat healthily – it´s easy to pack a more wholesome picnic. Include dishes like salads, low-fat cheese, grilled chicken, fruit, and wholemeal bread, and water or fruit juice to drink.

8 Stay Hydrated

The other aspect of healthy eating is to make sure that you drink enough. We need to stay hydrated all year round, but it´s especially important in hot weather. Consuming insufficient liquid is potentially risky, so drink lots of water. Don´t wait until you´re thirsty; maintain a steady intake of liquid by drinking little but often.

These tips for healthy summer eating will help you enjoy tasty, nutritious food in the warmer months. Some of the principles can be applied to meals in the other three seasons as well. And remember – healthy doesn´t have to be boring! Do you find it difficult to practise healthy eating in summer?

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