2 ✌️ Ingredient Dollar Store 🛍 Fudge 🍫 That's Inexpensive and Delish 😋 ...

Are you awful at baking? Do you want something sweet? Watch this!

This recipe is so easy!

1. Chocolate Morsels

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2. Nuke for 2 Minutes

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3. Evaporated Milk

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4. Spread on Parchment Lined Pan

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5. Freeze

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6. Devour!

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Are you ever jealous of the ladies who pass out cookie plates and tins over the holidays? Me too. My common peanut butter no-bakes are getting to be monotonous. You can only consume so much peanut butter!

Satisfy that creamy chocolate desire as the holidays come only once a year. OK, just don't finish the whole pan!

Just remember: 2 ingredients and 2 minutes.

I hope you like!

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