9 Innovative and Interesting Ways to Make Food Last Longer ...


One of the biggest wastes of money for many of us is the amount of food we throw away, so if there are ways to make food last longer we should be doing them. Unless you shop for fresh groceries every day, there’s just no telling how long things will stay fresh, despite the carefully chosen words on the packaging. There are some times you just don’t get around to using produce before it’s on the turn. Why not try some of these ways to make food last longer?

1. Bananas


I love bananas but they are one of my biggest bug bears. Not only do they give off ethylene gas that hastens the deterioration of other fruit and veg they are stored next to, but they just don’t last long enough. What is a nice firm banana at the weekend is a floury, cotton wool texture by Thursday. While plastic wrap isn’t one of the ways to make food last longer that works for everything, using it to cover the crown of bananas – i.e. the bit where they meet – can prolong their life by 2-5 days.

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