7 Instagram Photos of Delicious Dough Cones ...

We can all agree that ice cream is delicious. Of course, it tastes even better when it's served in a certain way. That's why, according to Elite Daily, everyone is going crazy about these delicious dough cones that are being given out in Prague:

1. Two Cones

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The only thing better than one dough cone is two!

2. In the Factory

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See what's on the table in the background? That's what the dough looks like without ice cream in the center.

3. Good Food

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In the background, you can see the dough being made.

4. Menu

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That's what the menu looks like inside of the hot restaurant!

5. Strawberry

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If you're a fan of strawberry, you'd love this cone.

6. Outside

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Everyone who sees this is going to be jealous of what you're holding.

7. Being Made

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The dough gets wrapped around this machine until it's hallow. Then it's filled with whatever you'd like!

Are you hungry for ice cream now?

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