7 Interesting Facts about Sesame Seeds ...


Sesame seeds can seem like a bland culinary addition to a bagel, but there are some very interesting facts about sesame seeds, which include their many health benefits. Sesame seeds are possibly the oldest condiment known to man, so their use goes well beyond the sesame seed bagel. Personally, I like sesame seeds for their slightly nutty flavor and think they make a salad look even more appealing. Beyond their nutty flavor and visual appeal, I never gave sesame seeds much thought. However, I have discovered that there are actually some noteworthy facts about sesame seeds.

1. Excellent Source of Nutrients

Excellent Source of Nutrients

One of my favorite facts about sesame seeds is that they are an abundant source of minerals. A quarter cup of sesame seeds provides 73.5% copper, 44.5% manganese, and 35.1% calcium of RDA (recommended daily allowance), and good quantities of phosphorous, zinc, and selenium. The impressive amount of copper in sesame seeds is important for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Copper has been shown to decrease the pain and swelling from RA, and it is important for the enzyme lysyl oxidase that is needed for cross-linking of collagen and elastin. It is pretty impressive that the tiny sesame seed has such large quantities of important nutrients like copper. Certainly, I now feel good about my habit of liberally sprinkling sesame seeds on my salads.

Special Fibers
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