Amazing Benefits of Watermelon That Will Make It Top of Your Grocery List ...


Amazing Benefits of Watermelon That Will Make It Top of Your Grocery List ...
Amazing Benefits of Watermelon That Will Make It Top of Your Grocery List ...

Because there is no other fruit that screams summer quite like watermelon, here are a few interesting facts about watermelon that I bet you didn’t know. This delicious fruit has only 46 calories per cup; it offers 20 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin C and 17 percent of your Vitamin A. There is also an entire debate whether watermelon is a fruit or a vegetable, but a lot of people consider it to be both. Apparently, just like the pepper, tomato and pumpkin, the watermelon is botanically a fruit but, since watermelon is grown as a vegetable crop using vegetable production systems, it is considered a vegetable. Here are a few interesting facts about watermelon to learn today:

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It’s Packed with Water

It’s Packed with Water In my opinion, one of the most interesting facts about watermelon is that this fruit or vegetable is literally packed with water. Watermelon is actually 91.5 percent water and it has some serious hydration power. So what better and tastier way to stay hydrated than by eating as much watermelon as possible every day during this wonderful season?


There is Also a Yellow Variety

There is Also a Yellow Variety Well, I must tell you that watermelon comes in many varieties and it’s not only pink on the inside. For example, it has a yellow variety, known as Yellow Crimson that has a sunny interior and a honey-like taste. On the outside it is nearly identical with the other varieties of watermelon, so it is pretty hard to tell which is which.


It Can Release Muscle Soreness

It Can Release Muscle Soreness There are a lot of studies which show that watermelon juice can relieve muscle soreness, so it can be quite soothing after a grueling workout. This is because watermelon contains a substance known as citrulline, which has been tied to improved artery function and lower blood pressure, so what better way to get rid of all that muscle soreness than by eating this delicious fruit every day?


It Has More Lycopene than Raw Tomatoes

It Has More Lycopene than Raw Tomatoes Did you know that watermelon has more lycopene than raw tomatoes? Apparently, in just one cup, watermelon has 1.5 times more lycopene than a large fresh tomato. This substance is thought to act as a super antioxidant, so try to store the watermelon at room temperature before slicing.


It Helps You Lose Weight

It Helps You Lose Weight If you didn’t know, I must tell you that this delicious fruit helps you lose weight too. It’s packed with water and it’s a delicious sweet treat with low calories. Watermelon is also the best option for a snack between meals since it offers your body plenty of water and minerals.

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It Increases Brain Power

It Increases Brain Power Another amazing nutritional benefit of watermelon is the fact that it even increases your brain power, as it contains good amounts of Vitamin B6. Also, the water percentage in watermelon is almost 92 percent and it’s similar to the water percentage in the brain.


It Solves Vision Problems

It Solves Vision Problems Watermelon can even help you solve vision problems since it contains a large amount of Vitamin A, which is good for eyesight. It actually increases your eyesight power and it also protects your eyes from different infections. Apparently, the daily intake of 100 grams of watermelon will keep your eyes healthy.

Watermelon is a delicious fruit packed with water that will quench your thirst in these hot summer days and that will help you stay hydrated. Do you know any other interesting facts about watermelon? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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Better than tomatoes ? Im a watermelon fan from now on :p

Thanks for the info.

I am going to buy a watermelon lol:)

one of my favvv😋😋😋😋😋

I've had the yellow version

i crave watermellon, but alot of times if i buy a whole one, i end up trashing it because it's almost bitter tasting! i tend to buy the precut watermellon that yas already been cut and packaged up,, it always has a wonderful taste but is rather expensive! does anyone have any tips on how to select a whole watermellon that will be wonderfully sweet through & through??

Interesting facts

I wanna try the yellow melon now!

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