Is It Better to Eat Late or Go to Bed Hungry?


Is It Better to Eat Late or Go to Bed Hungry?
Is It Better to Eat Late or Go to Bed Hungry?

You've probably heard about how unhealthy it is to eat a big meal, or any meal, for that matter. However, Self has some brand new information for you.

Believe it or not, eating before bed isn't the worst thing you can do. Sure, if you stuff yourself, it could lead to heartburn and bad dreams. However, as long as you eat something small and healthy, like some apple slices, you should be fine. Here's a video that explains everything you need to know about eating before bed:

Do you tend to eat late, or do you always end up going to bed hungry?

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If I do get hungry after dinner I do eat something healthy like celery sticks, bananas, crackers and hummus. It's perfectly o.k to eat before bed. Don't let your little tummy growl during the night. That's a big no no. As long as your midnight snack isn't a bag of Doritos and coke then you should be fine. Great tips! You wrote another successful article. Hi5✋

Pick one snack not all three. Sorry about the mistake.

Four* again with another mistake. It happens.

It all depend. If you don't have to lose weight, and you are very hungry- then eat something easy. If you gained weight- then not!

I'm more of a middle of the night snacker :( it's usually sweets. It's a bad habit!

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