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Kellogg's Used Annie's 'Tomorrow' for a Foodspirational Commercial - Watch Now ...

By Vanessa

What's more inspirational than the "Tomorrow" anthem from Annie? Having it as the soundtrack to a Kellogg's cereal commercial. LOL, I mean, it's such a perfect combination because it appeals to two things everybody loves: cereal and Annie. With the modern Annie film now in theaters, you'll notice that Quvenzhané Wallis is not the voice in this commercial. Instead, the recording that is used, which debuted with the commercial on New Year's Eve, is from Andrea McArdle - the original Annie herself!

“When Kellogg’s cereals are combined with the sweet kiss of crisp, cold milk they form a magic formula of protein and grain that can help awaken the infinite possibilities of the day. Tomorrow is yours to claim. Set yourself with Kellogg’s tonight. See you at breakfast,” the video’s caption reads.

Watch it here:

What'd you think of it?

P.S. In case the commercial has made you want to listen to the full "Tomorrow" song, here it is:

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