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Tea is my drink of choice. In fact, I’m sort of like the guy from Duck Dynasty in that I carry a glass of tea with me pretty much everywhere I go. Not only is tea refreshing when you’re thirsty but most kinds have health benefits that make them something you should totally drink all the time. With so many kinds of tea out there, it might be hard to decide which one you should be drinking. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of tea and their health benefits, which should help you decide.

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White Tea

White Tea White tea isn’t actually white, so don’t be fooled. It is some of the least processed tea available, but brews up very light in color. It has a mild flavor that tastes great both hot and cold. You can find white tea at some health food stores, but you may have to buy it online if you prefer a certain brand or you can’t find it near your home. White tea has loads of antioxidants, which can help fight off health conditions, such as heart disease and cancer.


Black Tea

Black Tea This is perhaps the most common tea that you’ll find. When you order iced tea in a restaurant, black tea is what you get. It’s also the most common type of tea in the tea bags you buy at the store. Black tea has a lot of antioxidants, but also improves digestion, boosts hair health and gives you energy. Black tea has a mild flavor that pairs well with many flavors.


Green Tea

Green Tea Green tea is one of the types that get all kinds of attention. According to a varied body of research, green tea can help lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, boost immunity, aid in weight loss and help keep your teeth healthy. Green tea is good hot or cold, but watch out for sweetened versions, which are often very high in sugar and calories. If you only drink one kind of tea, green tea should be your top choice.


Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea This kind of tea has a stronger flavor than other types and has a pleasing sweetness that makes it many people’s favorite type of tea. Like other types of tea, oolong helps reduce inflammation, which wards of a variety of health issues, including heart disease, cancer and much more. Oolong tea is essentially black and green teas mixed together, so you can count the benefits of each when you sip this tea.


Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea This red tea is made from the leaves of an African bush. The color of the tea is reddish and it has a nutty to fruity flavor that many people find appealing. If you’re looking for a tea that doesn’t have caffeine, rooibos is the one for you. It also contains nutrients that you need for good health and boosts circulation and helps tame a sick belly. Look for rooibos tea in supermarkets. If you can’t find it there, check health food stores. It’s not a plentiful as black tea, but it isn’t too hard to find.


Mate Teas

Mate Teas Are you a coffee drinker, but want to reap the benefits of tea? Mate teas are the ones for you. This tea is made from the yerba mate plant and has a flavor that’s similar to coffee. Research shows that mate teas have loads of antioxidants, as well as being said to increase focus and improve your physical endurance. Drink up!


Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Herbal tea is generally caffeine free and is super comforting. I love herbal tea after a hard day. It’s best hot, but comes in loads of flavors so you can find the one that you love best. In addition, herbal teas support heart health and soothe an upset stomach. What’s your favorite kind of herbal tea?

Do you drink tea? What’s your favorite kind?

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Holy Basil & Dragon-well tea is great!

Peppermint tea is my absolute favorite in the morning

Never heard of Mate I need to check it out. Love Assam to get me going on a morning.

Red bush is great but mint tea is also good but camomile is the best!

Blood orange pear is wonderful

Ginger tea is my favorite!!

I drink green tea a lot. Just don't let it brew more than a minute or so else it tastes bitter and never put milk in it. . Rook bush from the Cape is best without milk but some add it.

Should have been rooisbosch - sorry but automatic speller " corrected " it !

English breakfast! makes me feel like a Brit! lol

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