7 Kitchen Gadgets You Didnt Know Existed ...

By Eliza

7 Kitchen Gadgets You Didnt Know Existed ...

There are loads of kitchen gadgets. You can see that just by taking a trip to any home goods store or department store. The amount of stuff out there is mind boggling. You probably have all the basics in your own kitchen. I bet you’ll be blown away with some of the stuff that’s out there that you’ve never heard of. Now, these kitchen gadgets might just clutter up your space, but they could go a long way toward making your cooking process more streamlined and effective.

Table of contents:

  1. cherry chomper
  2. egg cuber
  3. fresh sensor
  4. cookie mug
  5. pizza scissors
  6. roll n pour
  7. s’mores maker

1 Cherry Chomper

Cherry Chomper Cherries taste heavenly, but you have to put in so much work to get rid of the pits, which are in each and every one. Instead of giving up your love of fresh cherries, get yourself a cherry chomper, This innovative kitchen gadget allows you to place each cherry in the machine, press down and get the pit out easily. Cool, right?

2 Egg Cuber

Egg Cuber Are you sick of round hard boiled eggs? Who isn’t, right? This handy little contraption will let you make yours square shaped. Simply crack the egg into the device, then boil as usual. This is ideal if you want to take a hard boiled egg in your lunch, but your container is square.

3 Fresh Sensor

Fresh Sensor You’ve probably heard the advice about tossing food if there’s any doubt as to its freshness. You won’t be in doubt anymore with this gadget. The sensor promise to tell you if meat is fresh. Simply hold the sensor near the food, press the button and wait for a red, yellow or green light. Now you’ll always know whether you can eat or if you have to toss something.

4 Cookie Mug

Cookie Mug Don’t you just love dunking your cookies in milk? We all do! And whoever created this mug must be the biggest fan. It really stinks when you dip your cookie and breaks or crumbles against the side of the cup. This mug features an elongated design that is perfect for getting cookies into the milk intact. What more could you ask for?

5 Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors I’ve heard lots of people say they use their kitchen shears to cut pizza instead of the traditional cutter. This tool helps make sure you get evenly cut slices every time. Secure the device over the pizza and use the accompanying scissors to slice through the crust and toppings in no time flat. No one will ever complain that they didn’t get the same amount of pizza ever again.

6 Roll N Pour

Roll N Pour This handy device makes it easy to pour a soda even if you can’t lift the bottle or your hands are dirty. Place two liter bottle into the contraption on its side. Open and pour your soda without any trouble. Roll the gadget forward to get the last few drops. Who knew pouring soda could be so easy?

7 S’mores Maker

S’mores Maker Everyone loves a graham cracker topped with melted chocolate and marshmallows, right? You don’t have to wait until your next camping trip to have one though. Use the microwave s’mores maker to create this gooey masterpiece anytime a craving strikes. Put your ingredients in the device, then heat right in your own kitchen. Yum!

What strange kitchen gadget do you have lying around? How often do you use it? I usually don’t buy strange tools because they just take up space and I don’t use them often. Are you going to buy one of these gadgets now that you’ve heard about them?

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