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Kitchen Must-Haves range from small, seemingly unimportant things, to larger and more expensive but oh-so-worth it items. Cooking has always been a hobby and passion of mine, and I enjoy being in the kitchen as well as eating my own creations! However, I've learned along the way that there are a few kitchen must haves that will save you so much time and effort and make life that much more simple if you have them on hand. Continue reading for my list of absolute kitchen must haves!

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A Kitchen aid is my number one kitchen must have, and here's why: It saves you so much time! And not only that, but it gives you much smoother cake mixes, cookie dough, soups, or whatever you choose to mix in it! The newer model have bread hooks as well, which comes in handy if you like to make your own bread.


A Good Blender

For Christmas last year, my husband bought me a blender I had been eyeing but didn't want to fork out for it. There are just some things that are worth splurging on though, because it truly is my prized kitchen possession and a top kitchen must have for any one out there at all who loves to make smoothies, milkshakes, yogurt, icees, or any other number of things in that category! Trust me, a cheap blender won't do half the job a nicer one will do, so go ahead and pay up, you'll be glad you did!


A Heavy Cutting Board

Cutting boards are nice to have if you do a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, or cut up meats. Just don't go for the small and thin ones! They slide around all over the place, making it difficult to finish your task and raising the risks of cutting yourself. You need a heavy, thick one that doesn't move around as you chop up vegetables or roll out dough.


Sharp Knives

Sharp knives are probably a number one kitchen must have. If you buy one good set, with all different sizes in it and take good care of it, it will probably last you a very long time. When I first got married, I didn't have any good, sharp knives. I cut myself so many times with my little dull and pathetic ones! I wouldn't trade my knife set now for gold!



I probably can't explain the value of a good tupperware set to you unless you are single or have many small children. Even young married couples will understand the value of a good tupperware set and why it's a kitchen must have! You can make food in large quantities and save it for leftovers, or prepare snacks and meals ahead of time and stash them in the fridge in a tupperware container. Sometimes you may not even use the whole can of ingredients or box of food. That's another place where tupperware comes in handy to keep it fresh till next time!


A Spice Rack

A spice rack is one of my top kitchen must haves. Keeping your spices organized and labeled is so much easier when you don't have to dig through a cabinet thats stacked high with bottles that tip over every time you open the door. Get yourself a spice rack, you won't regret it!



If there's one thing I can't stand, it's getting flour or sugar all over the kitchen and hassling with flour bags. I bought some large canisters with re-sealable lids to store my flour and sugar in. They stay fresh, handy, and a small scoop inside helps me to neatly dip it out when I need some. These canisters are now on my list of kitchen must haves!



Do you eat a lot of pasta and fruit in your home? If so, a colander should be on your list of kitchen must haves! Having a colander makes washing fruit, draining pasta, and many other things so much easier! I love mine.


Cookie Scoop

I actually just recently discovered the miracle kitchen gadget that is a cookie scoop! It's a kitchen must have gadget especially if you love to bake often! The cookie scoop will make perfectly rounded cookies every time without requiring you to shape and roll out little balls of dough. You can also use it as a melon scoop!


Chip Clips

One thing you WILL find in my kitchen are chip clips! These little guys are pretty high on my list of kitchen must haves, and here's why: I get more bang for my buck because my food stays fresher longer, plus it saves me from dumping a whole bag of chips on the ground every time I reach up high to pull the bag off the shelf. Chip clips also give a neater appearance to the bag.

You can find nearly all of these Kitchen Must Haves at any local store near you or online. My suggestion is to begin building up your list slowly, until you have every kitchen must have on this list plus any others that you feel are necessary! And if you love cooking, chances are you have your own list of kitchen must haves. Please comment below with your own ideas and must haves for the kitchen!

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We used ice cream scoops to scoop out cookies in my Cooking class. This was an industrial kitchen, meaning BUCKETfuls of cookie dough! So it came very much in handy :)

#1 looks more like an ad...

Kitchen-Aid is a brand, not a product. The product is a stand mixer.

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