19 Life Changing Cooking Gadgets You Will Love ...

Do you find it hard to walk away from cooking gadgets at the store? Me too! There are so many cool things out there, but not near enough room in my kitchen to store them all. It's still fun to think about using them though. If you need to expand your collection, here are some pretty awesome cooking gadgets that I think you are going to love. Let me know how they work out for you.

1. Frost a Cake

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Forget the kitchen knife. Use this to give your cakes a professionally frosted look. Totally one of the best cooking gadgets around, don't you think?

2. Herb Storage

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If you find yourself tossing yucky herbs all the time, this cool thing could help you preserve them longer. If you can find room in your refrigerator for it.

3. Multi Blade Knife

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This awesome knife would make quick work of cutting all sorts of things. Celery, onion and many kinds of fruits, to name a few.

4. Meat Rake

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Here's another time saver. Use these to shred meat for sandwiches or soups in no time at all. It works for pork, beef, chicken and fish.

5. Cupcake Corer

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I used one of these to make M&M filled cupcakes for my son's last birthday party. Let me tell you, they were pretty popular.

6. Cake Pen

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Use this handy tool to make fancy pancakes for your kids in the morning. Cool, huh?

7. Cook Drain Bag

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This heat proof plastic basket takes all the work out of draining vegetables and pasta.

8. Herb Scissors

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I have to have a pair of these! If slicing and dicing herbs frustrates you, then you need some too. They'll make quick work of all your herb cutting needs.

9. Waffle Iron

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You can use your waffle iron to make hashbrowns, sandwiches and much more, so it pays to have one in your cupboard even if they take up a bit of space.

10. Corn Remover

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This is perfect if you have kids with braces or little ones who need small bites. So much easier than slicing the kernels off with a knife, am I right?

11. Bake Your Own Taco Shells

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Stop buying boxed taco shells by using one of these to make your own. Easy, right? And delicious too!

12. Ravioli Cutter

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You can use these to make ravioli, but they would also work wonderfully for tiny hand pies or empanadas. And they are small enough to prevent taking up a ton of space in your drawers.

13. Bacon Grill

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Keep your bacon flat by holding it down with this cute little pig. Everyone loves perfectly cooked bacon, right?

14. Mango Corer

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It's not easy to get all the mango away from the core without having to throw some of it out. This tool will revolutionize the way to cut a mango.

15. Microplane Herb Mill

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Cut fresh herbs straight into your meals with this handy cutting tool. Think about all that flavor without all the work!

16. Salad Spinner

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Use your salad spinner to remove the water from just about any food you cook.

17. Rolling Meat Tenderizer

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Tenderizing your meat would be so much easier with a tool you can roll. And it's probably better for your countertops than the traditional hammer version.

18. Strawberry Huller

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Filled strawberries are decadent and they're easy to make with this huller.

19. Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

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I love products that do double duty. Use this to add flavor to your meat while also tenderizing it for the perfect meal.

Which one of these do you need for your kitchen? If you're pressed for time or don't like to cook, having some of these gadgets on hand can really help you get the job done quickly. What other kitchen gadgets come in handy for you?