Low Carb ⏬ Baking Substitutions πŸ”„ to Make Your Favorites 🍰πŸͺ Healthier πŸ˜‹ ...

Low carb is a good way to control your calorie intake and aid in weight loss. While your body does need some carbs for energy, the kind you find in most baked goods are the bad kind. Often, if you prepare your food at home, you have more control over what goes into your treats. These recipes all make good use of low carb substitutions so you can enjoy sweet treats without any of the guilt.

1. Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake

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No one should have to give up cheesecake, even if they are trying to lose weight. By using alternate ingredients, this recipe lets you indulge without all the carbs.

2. Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Because bleached white flour is subbed out for almond flour in this recipe, you can enjoy chocolate chip cookies any day of the week.

3. Low Carb Chocolate Cake

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What would life be like without chocolate cake? No good, that's what. That's why you need this low carb version to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Coconut Flour Brownies

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The coconut flour cuts the carbs, but it also adds a pleasing, but subtle flavor to your favorite ooey-gooey dessert,

5. Low Carb Bread

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If you're more of a bread person and less of a dessert person, you'll love this bread. It's low in carbs, but it's also gluten free so it's great for a healthy meal plan.

6. Chocolate Muffins

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You can happily enjoy one of these chocolate muffins for breakfast without worrying about all the carbs. Perfect!

7. Peanut Butter Cookies

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Peanut Butter Cookies ~ Low Carb ~ Sugar Free & Flour Free

No one will turn down a peanut butter cookie. And you won't have to either when you make this recipe. It's low in carbs, but still packed with flavor. Yum!

8. Chocolate Cream Pie

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If pie is your vice, you probably know that carbs are your enemy. Not anymore! This low carb chocolate pie satisfies a craving, even if you're watching your carbs.

9. Low Carb Taco Bake

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Looking for a meal rather than a dessert? You are going to love this taco inspired casserole. I guarantee that people are going to be begging you for seconds.

10. Coconut Macaroons

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Coconut is a great low carb ingredient. If you've never had a macaroon, today is the day to change that. These low carb cookies look as good as they taste.

11. Almond Flour Biscuits

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Having trouble giving up biscuits with your soup or pasta. You don't have to when you make this low carb version that uses almond flour.

12. Chocolate Walnut Torte

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This nutty treat is a great ending to any meal. It's low in carbs so you can also enjoy it when you have a sweets craving in the afternoon.

13. Low Carb Biscotti

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Here's the perfect low carb biscotti to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee. These are a great treat to put out at a party or celebration too.

14. Pesto Chicken Bake

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Pesto Chicken Bake ~ Low Carb Recipe

Here's another low carb meal you can make using easy substitutions. It's filling, healthy and delicious. How could you go wrong?

15. Cheddar Garlic Biscuits

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Giving up bread is pretty hard to do, but is necessary if you're watching your carb intake. Learn to bake these savory biscuits and you can have your bread and eat it too.

Are you cutting back on carbs? Which low carb ingredient is your favorite substitute?

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