42 Magnificent Fruit Creations for Your Next Party ...

If you're a food artist, you're going to love these fabulous fruit creations. Not only do they look delicious, but they can fit a party theme or just knock someone's socks off when they see it. Sure, some of them are complicated, but you can always try your hand with something simpler and then move on to these epic fruit creations. Let me know how they come out for you!

1. Mcdonalds Hamburger and French Fries

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Instead of going to McDonald's, impress your kids with these look alike fruit creations. Ok, they might not be that happy about it, but these sure are a fun and delicious looking treat.

2. Beach Bucket

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Hollow out a watermelon for this treat, then cut ocean shapes from other fruits to give it life.

3. Lunchtime Starburst

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This simple and fun starburst of fruit also incorporates a bit of vegetable too for a healthy snack anyone will love.

4. Tropical Owl

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The plethora of topical fruits used in this cute owl sculpture look delicious and make your table something to talk about.

5. Fruit Baskets

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Corral fruit skewers cut into fun shapes in a basket to make it look like a bouquet of flowers.

6. Fruit Skewers

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These might not be the most magnificent fruit creation, but it's easy and fun to eat.

7. Citrus Spider

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A cut up orange is the perfect medium for making this friendly little spider.

8. Flower Display

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Melon, like the one in this creation, is super easy to carve and can become many things.

9. Baby Carriage

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A hollowed out watermelon comes in handy again to make this cute baby shower table display.

10. Shark Attack

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Wouldn't this be perfect for an ocean or pirate themed birthday party?

11. Ribbit, Ribbit

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What can't you make with a watermelon? This cute frog is fun for a kid's party.

12. Island Trees

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Bananas, oranges and kiwis come together to create these tropical palm trees that taste as good as they look.

13. Watermelon Basket

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I think you should stock up on watermelon because you can also make this cute basket filled with fruit flowers.

14. Favorite Characters

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Use fruit to make your child's favorite animal or television characters.

15. Tiny Fruit Bowls

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These hollowed out limes are the perfect place to serve itty bitty melon balls for an appetizer.

16. Stars and Grapes

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The vase full of grapes is the perfect way to keep fruit skewers in place.

17. Tiny Animals

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What a cute idea for an appetizer tray at a picnic or backyard barbecue.

18. Drum Set

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The toothpicks are the perfect thing for adding details to this cute drum set.

19. Tower of Fruit

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I love how the fruit climbs the tower, but still puddles at the bottom too.

20. Mouse

Via Fruit & Vegetable Animal Creations
I like how the vegetables are added to this cute melon mouse.

21. Monkey Tree

It's pretty simple to make monkeys out of bananas, oranges and mangoes and they are super cute and fun on this pineapple tree.

22. Fabulous Flower

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For anyone with a steady hand, this marvelous watermelon flower is almost too good to eat.

23. Funny Fruit for Children

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It makes lunchtime prep a bit longer, but any kid would love finding this on their plate.

24. Tiny Racecars

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All you have to do for these is secure grape halves to an apple slice with a toothpick. So fun!

25. Under the Sea

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The cucumber squid and lobsters are the perfect friends for these lemon fish.

26. Patriotic

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Imagine how awesome this would be at a Memorial Day or 4th of July party.

27. Angry Birds

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Anyone who loves Angry Birds will enjoy devouring this fruit creation.

28. Turtle

In this case, the skin of the watermelon comes in handy for the details.

29. Funny Face Monkey

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Could anything be more fun this little guy?

30. Playful Dolphins

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These adorable little friends would be such a fun surprise in your child's lunchbox.

31. Santa Claus is Coming

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These all fruit Santa hats would be so fun for any holiday party.

32. Fruit Butterfly

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There's no carving involved here. All you have to do is arrange the fruit to form a butterfly.

33. Super Detailed

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Once you get good at fruit sculpting, you can make something as cute as this.

34. Huge Tree

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For a wedding or other large celebration, this fruit tree is both fun and eye-catching. Not to mention delicious.

35. Princess Castle

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This cute castle is ideal for a princess party and gives tiny guests something healthy to nibble on.

36. Simple Bites

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A flower shaped cookie cutter creates these tiny kiwi flowers. The raspberries add color and flavor.

37. Fruit Tree

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This would be fantastic at a Christmas party if you can find all the fruit fresh.

38. Thanksgiving Turkey

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Instead of the same old fruit tray, try bringing this cute little guy on Thanksgiving.

39. Cute Bear

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You might have to disassemble this guy to eat him, but he sure is cute in the meantime.

40. Tropical Table Scape

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This full table display is fun, colorful and sure to get your guests talking.

41. Perching Owl

Via Fancy Fruit
This is one of my favorites. The pineapple is perfect for the owl's body!

43. Swan

Via Food Art
How adorable is this little swan watching over the plate full of yummy fruit?

Do you do fruit art? I hope these creations inspire you to give it a try. Which one do you want to make first?