Make Sensational Seafood with These Tasty Mussel Recipes ...

Mussels are a great seafood to cook with - they're quick and work with a wide range of flavors. And in my opinion, they taste great. They're also a good way to introduce yourself to seafood if you're unsure about it because they don't have any sort of fishy taste. I've got a collection of mussel recipes that involve steaming, baking and broiling.

1. Quick Mussels Fra Diavolo

Source: Quick Mussels Fra Diavolo

2. Broiled Mussels with Garlicky Herb Butter

Source: Broiled Mussels With Garlicky Herb



4. Baked Mussels

Source: Baked Tahong | Filipino Foods

5. Cheese-mayo Mussels

Source: Cheese-Mayo Baked Mussels (Mussels Dynamite)

6. Mussels Baked in a Spicy Garlic Butter

Source: Baked Mussels In Spicy Garlic

7. Mussels in Ouzo

Source: Amateur Cook Professional Eater

8. Spicy Mussels and Chorizo

Source: Spicy Mussels and Chorizo Recipe

9. Spaghetti with Mussels

Source: Spaghetti with Mussels

10. Drunken Mussels

Source: Drunken Mussels

11. French Mussel Bisque

Source: Barefoot Contessa - Recipes

12. Coconut Curry Mussels


13. Mussels with Leek, Garlic and Sherry Cream

Source: Mussels with Leek, Anchovies and

14. Mussels in White Wine and Cream

Source: West Coast Mussels in White

15. Steamed Mussels with Chorizo Sausage, Tomatoes & White Wine

Source: KitchMe

16. Grilled Mussels with Herb Butter Recipe

Source: Grilled Mussels with Herb Butter

17. Peruvian Steamed Mussels a La Chalaca

Source: Peruvian Cuisine Week: Steamed Mussels

18. Mussels in Saffron Coconut Broth

Source: Heather Christo - Eat Well

19. Vietnamese Mussels & Prawns in Aromatic Coconut Broth


20. The Belgian National Dish - Moules Et Frites

Source: 27 30-Minute Meals for Busy

21. Mussels Marinara

Source: Saucy. Sexy. Simple

22. Beer Steamed Mussels

Source: Beer Steamed Mussels

23. Mussels Served 5 Ways -Pesto, Garlic, Italiano, Buffalo, Diablo

Source: New Zealand Mussels Served 5

24. Spaghetti with Mussels, Lemon, and Shallots

Source: Spaghetti with Mussels, Lemon, and

25. Mussels with Saffron and Mustard

Source: Mussels with Saffron and Mustard

26. Ina Garten's Mussels and Basil Bread Crumbs

Source: Mussels and Basil Bread Crumbs

27. Stuffed Mussels Recipe

Source: MAZA | Cooking Journals for

28. Mussels with Café De Paris Butter

Source: West Coast Mussels with Café

29. Mussels with Fennel and Wine

Source: Mussels With Fennel and Wine

30. Mussels Baked with Butter, Garlic, and Parsley

Source: Kokocooks: Mussels with Parsley and

31. Mussels Josephine

Source: Mussels Josephine Recipe -

32. Chili Tomato Mussels

Source: Cozze Pomodoro e Peperoncino (Chilli

33. Spicy Mussel Linguine

Source: Spicy Mussel Linguine | Recipes

34. Steamed Mussels with Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Chilies, and Coconut Juice

Source: Steamed Mussels with Lemongrass, Thai

35. Jamie Oliver’s Creamy Mussels with Smoked Bacon & Cider

Source: Jamie Oliver | Food

36. Deep-fried Mussels, Thessaloniki-style

Source: Deep-Fried Mussels (Μυδια-τηγανιτα) - KALOFAGAS

37. Parmesan Marinara Baked Mussels

Source: Parmesan Marinara Baked Mussels

38. Sake Steamed Mussels

Source: sake-steamed mussels Recipe

Are you ready to throw your culinary muscle behind the mussel?