Make Your Summer Drinks 🍹Super Cool with These Ice Cubes ❄️ ...

Why plonk plain old boring, water-only ice cubes in your drink when you can add something special? These ice cubes not only cool your drink but they look special too. You can add them to water or cocktails, pitchers or glasses, short drinks and long drinks.

1. Lavender Ice

Source: Rooted In Thyme: ~Loving the

2. Pomegranate Ice Cube

Source: Flavored Ice Cubes | infused

3. Rainbow Ice Cubes

Source: Rainbow Water for St. Patrick's

4. Red White and Blue KoolAid Ice Cubes

Source: 4th of July Sprite Drinks

5. Strawberry Ice Cubes

Source: Party Frosting: Party Drink Ideas/Inspiration

6. Pineapple Raspberry Ice Cubes

Source: Flavored Ice Cubes | infused

7. The Secret to Getting the Perfect Soda Shop Tasting Cherry Coke

Source: Recipes: The Best Cherry Coke

8. Clear Ice Cubes from Boiled Water

Source: 36 of the BEST kitchen

9. Wine Ice Cubes (good for Sangria)

Source: What to Do with Leftover

10. Chai Iced Tea Cubes

Source: Ice Capades: 28 Creative Ice

11. Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Source: 10 Dazzling Wedding Drink Ideas

12. 4th July Berry Ice Cubes

Source: Pip & Ebby - Pip-Ebby

13. Cut up Orange or Lemon Slices and Let Them Soak in Some Food Coloring. Freeze Them and Add Them to a Drink

Source: Party Fun ** Ice Cube

14. Coconut Water Ice Cubes to Add to Smoothies

Source: Coconut Water Ice Cubes: Best

15. Mint Infused Ice Cubes

Source: How To: Mint Infused Ice

16. Alcoholic Ice Candy

Source: 19 Flavorful Ways To Liven

17. Watermelon Ice Cubes

Source: Refreshing Watermelon Lemonade and the

18. Citrusy Summer Ice Cubes

Source: Check out what I found

19. Melon Ball Ice Cubes

Source: Melon ball ice cubes

20. Blood Orange Ice Cubes

Source: Bleeding Mimosa: Champagne and Blood

21. Edible Glitter Ice Cubes

Source: glitter ice cubes • A

22. Rose Water Ice Cubes

Source: Fresh & Spicy Rose Water

23. Strawberry/Lemon Water

Source: Refreshing Strawberry Lemon Water

24. Freeze (canned) Coconut Milk in Ice Cube Trays to Add to Smoothies and Shakes

Source: vanilla bean coconut shamrock shake

25. Death Star Ice Cubes

Source: Death Star ice cubes

26. Vanilla Ice Cubes

Source: Vanilla Ice Recipe | How

27. Roses Ice Cubes

Source: Do-It-Yourself Rose Ice Cubes

28. Blueberry and Blackberry Ice Cubes

Source: Flavored Ice Cubes | infused

29. Bloody Mary Ice Cubes (serve in Vodka)

Source: EllenFork: A Real Wake Up

30. Mint Lime Juice Cubes

Source: Mint & Lime Juice Cubes

31. Chocolate Ice Cubes

Source: Le Pétrin: Chocolat d'Eté, Frais

32. Grapefruit Ice Cubes

Source: Grapefruit Juice Ice Cubes

33. Fruit Ice Cubes

Source: Festive Fruit Ice Cubes

34. Layered Fruit Juice Ice Cubes

Source: Minimal Monday: Layered Ice Cubes

35. Freeze Grapes for Wine

Source: dept of chill: wine-friendly grape

There are plenty of ideas here but try experimenting too.

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