Meal Prep with These Tasty Breakfast Sandwiches when You Just Don't Have Time in the Morning for a Meal ...

I like everything in this video, but the ham and bacon. Tell me what you think. Learn how to make microwave breakfast sandwiches that may be easily stored in the freezer.


I like easy prep and easy clean-up. I also have particular taste buds that early in the morning. Bacon is so messy, even if prepared in the microwave. Then, to me, ham is just not a breakfast food. But, I do like sausage patties and sausage links!

Also, if you like to play with your cheese, why not choose a cheese of your choice? I love mozzarella!

Spinach is about tasteless, but so healthy.

Personally, I would rather use bagels than English muffins.

Wrap these glorious creations in parchment paper, place in the freezer and grab when ever needed.

No more missing breakfast!

I hope you find this recipe to be useful and delicious!

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