Microwave Baked Trail Mix Cookies ...

By Leiann

Microwave Baked Trail Mix Cookies ...

In the mood for something sweet but not with a whole lot of sugar and better yet, you have nothing much in your pantry?

With a few food staples, create yourself a cute cookie without breaking a sweat!

Watch **how to make microwave baked trail mix cookies **...

Don't throw away that banana! It may have a few spots, but it is still good!

Oats? You have got to have some sort of oats in that pantry of yours!

Make any type of trail mix that you want! You do not have to follow directions exactly! Just use what you have in your pantry! Only have raisins and chocolate chips in your pantry? No problem.

Not only is this recipe convenient and healthy, but as you can tell, it is also very economical!

So, satisfy that sweet tooth and satisfy that wallet while you are at it!

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