33 Middle Eastern Recipes That Are Big on Flavor, but Easy to Make ...

When you're craving something ethnic, Middle Eastern recipes should be your first choice. That's because they aren't hard to throw together, but are full of taste and so wonderful to eat. There are loads of options, both full of meat and meatless, so you have lots of tasty ways to put dinner on the table tonight. When Middle Eastern recipes are what you want, you will not be disappointed with these tasty creations.

1. Spicy Middle Eastern Roasted Potatoes

Via Spicy Middle Eastern Roasted Potatoes ...
I love potatoes, so this wonderful dish would be a main course for me, but it also works as a side dish.

2. Middle Eastern Chicken and Couscous Wraps

Via Middle Eastern Chicken and Couscous ...
Couscous is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, which makes this wrap perfect.


Via Middle Eastern Orange Cake
Never had orange in your cake before? Now is the time to give it a try!

4. Middle Eastern Lamb Stew

Via Middle Eastern Lamb Stew
This hearty one pot meal is great for a cold night, but you'll find yourself craving it all the time.

5. Curry Rice

Via Easy Curry Rice Recipe - ...
Curry is a classic Middle Eastern spice and this rice is chock full of it.

6. Cucumber Laban

Via Cucumber Laban - Lebanese Yogurt ...
Drizzle this on your gyros or pita bread for a refreshing meal tonight.


Via Homemade Pita Bread 101 | ...
You will love homemade pita bread. It's just right for stuffing with all your favorite Middle Eastern ingredients.

8. Harissa Moroccan Grilled Chicken

Via grilled moroccan chicken
Doesn't this look finger looking food? The citrus flavors combine really well with the herbs.

9. Middle Eastern Spiced Rice

Via Middle Eastern Rice (Mejadra) - ...
This rice is really easy to make and it comes together very quickly too.

10. Lebanese Stuffed Onions

Via Lebanese Roasted Stuffed Onions - ...
You might not have ever thought to stuff onions, but you will love the way they taste.

11. Spiced Chickpea Salad

Via Middle Eastern Spiced Chickpea Salad ...
This wonderful salad is a great way to start your Middle Eastern meal.

12. Spinach and Feta Cheese Borek

Via Spinach and Feta Cheese Borek
This classic Middle Eastern dish is one you'll want to eat all the time. Yum!

13. Chicken Shwarma

Via Chicken Shawarma (Middle Eastern) - ...
You will never be disappointed with this meal. It's easy and so tasty too!

14. Whipped Garlic Hummus

Via Whipped Garlic Hummus Recipe | ...
No Middle Eastern meal is complete without a big heap of hummus on the side.

15. Tulumba

Via Turkish Dessert Tulumba - Give ...
This fried dough dessert smothered in syrup is the perfect ending to your Middle Eastern feast.

16. Chicken Shwarma Seven Layer Dip

Via Chicken Shawarma Seven Layer Dip ...
This American take on a Middle Eastern classic is perfect for appetizers.

17. Roasted Eggplant with Couscous

Via Middle Eastern Roasted Eggplant with ...
Eggplant is a common choice for Middle Eastern meals, which is great because it tastes so good.

18. Fattoush Salad

This salad is both filling and heavenly tasting. What more could you ask for?

19. Saffron Rice with Golden Raisins and Pine Nuts

Via Saffron Rice with Golden Raisins ...
Once you taste saffron rice, you will never go back to the other version.

20. Kafta

Via Kafta (Lebanese Beef Kebabs) | ...
Now don't you just want to gobble up a couple of these little delights? I know I do.

21. Lebanese Stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves

Via adishofdailylife.com
If you're wondering if these taste good, stop wondering and start eating because they are delicious.

22. Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip

Via Restaurant Review and Recipe: Muhammara ...
Serve this with some pita and no one will be able to stop eating. I promise!

23. Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad

Via Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad
This classic veggie salad is easy to throw together and the perfect side for chicken or lamb.

24. Arabic "beehive" Dessert

Via This Arabic Recipe Dessert .. ...
This sugary confection is one that you will love so much, you'll make it all the time

25. Falafels

Via Falafel Recipe | Indonesia Eats ...
Of course, you can't leave out falafel, right? These are so good dipped in hummus.

26. Middle Eastern Lamb and Pine Nut Pies

Via Sfeeha: Middle Eastern Lamb and ...
These handheld little gems are mouthwatering and so cute too.

27. Middle Eastern Bread with Mixed Spice Topping

Via wanderingspice.com
This bread is so full of flavor, you might not even need any dip to go with it.

28. Baklava

Via Baklava | SAVEUR
This dessert is my absolute favorite Middle Eastern food. Try it and you'll see why.

29. Custard and Cream

Another great Middle Eastern dessert. So tasty!

30. Lentil Soup

Via Shorbat Adas Middle Eastern Lentil ...
Lentils are perfect for soup. If you've never had them, you are totally missing out.

31. Middle Eastern Egg Dish

Via Shakshuka - Recipe for Delicious ...
This yummy meal is great for breakfast, but you can serve it for any meal.

32. Okra Stew with Tomatoes

Via Okra & Sautéed Tomatoes
If you like okra, you will adore this flavorful stew. Look at those huge cloves of garlic!

33. Spiced Chicken Kebabs with Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Via Shish Taouk (Spiced Chicken Kebabs ...
What a perfect meal! I wish someone would make this for dinner at my house tonight.

Do you like Middle Eastern foods? I hope this list inspired you to try something new. Which one looks like your new favorite?

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