7 Mistakes People Make when Buying Beer ...

If you're old enough and responsible enough to drink beer, then you should know a thing or two about the drink. You don't want to end up getting ripped off, do you? That's why you should follow this advice from Food and Wine and avoid making these mistakes when buying craft beer:

1. Thinking Canned Beer is Lower in Quality

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You don't have to buy beer that comes in a glass bottle. Beer in a can isn't actually low in quality. It can be the same.

2. Thinking Only High-Alcohol Beers Are Legit

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Getting drunk doesn't have to be your goal. Sometimes, the best beers aren't the ones that make you tipsy fast. They're the ones that you can sit back and enjoy without worrying about getting too drunk too quickly.

3. Not Asking to Sample the Brew

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If you're at a craft beer store, you can ask to sample a certain brew. That way, you won't end up buying a whole lot of beer that you can't stand the taste of.

4. Only Purchasing IPA

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"India Pale Ale is definitely the craft beer style that put the category on the map, but these days there is a plethora of other delicious craft beer options out there, so experiment with what’s out there." Don't be afraid to branch out.

5. Not Taking Advantage of Mixed Cases

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If a store lets you mix and match your six pack, then use the opportunity to try out a bunch of different beers. You don't have to buy six of the same.

6. Picking Things That Are Familiar

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If you always drink the same thing, you'll never get a taste of the beers that are better than the ones you usually drink. That's why you shouldn't be afraid to expand your horizons.

7. Being Afraid to Say You Don’t like Something

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Sure, craft beer is all the rage nowadays. However, if you don't like it, don't be afraid to say it. You shouldn't be embarrassed.

What's your favorite brand of beer?

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