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7 More Things You Might Not Know about Your Food ...

By Elizabeth

As requested, here are more facts about your food. The food we are buying and eating has all kinds of ingredients hidden in its delicious tastes. As we learned before, castoreum from a beaver and shiny candy from beetles. Warning: The facts about your food you are about to read are disgusting!

Table of contents:

  1. Maggots!
  2. Azodicarbonamide
  3. Year old apples
  4. Sheep oil
  5. Bpa
  6. Silicone mcnuggets
  7. Fruit fly eggs

1 Maggots!

These facts about your food might be things you wish you never learned! For me, it was finding out that the FDA allows certain amounts of maggots and other little critters in our food! Did you know canned mushrooms can have maggots in them? In fact, the FDA allows up to 20 maggots per can of mushrooms! Even certain bottles of spices like oregano and cinnamon can have insects, larvae and poo in them legally? Ick!

2 Azodicarbonamide

This little additive is mainly used in the making of foam plastic. It is also used in synthetic leather. So why am I telling you this? What does this have to do with your food? Because they use it in your bread as well! It's found in many breads and flours to bleach them and make them whiter. Now that's appetizing!

3 Year Old Apples

Did you know that the average apple on your grocer's shelf is at least a year old? Ever wonder why they wax them? It's not just to make them pretty! Apples are picked before ripening and coated with the wax and placed in cold storage units for at least a year. Some apples have been found to be 14 months old! The problem with this is that by the time they are put on the shelves, they have no antioxidant value left whatsoever. This is why you should buy only organic apples!

4 Sheep Oil

For those of you who are familiar with things concerning breastfeeding, you will be familiar with "lanolin" as something that soothes the nipples during the first few weeks of nursing. However, did you know that when your gum lists "gum base" as an ingredient, it is actually listing lanolin? Lanolin is the oil secreted into a sheep's wool. But I guess if we are going to expect our babies to suck on the stuff, we should be willing to chew it, right? (I had no idea Lanolin was sheep oil! I've used it with both children! Eww!)


It is said that BPA mimics estrogen in your body. It has been linked to many health problems like issues with your reproductive system, neurological concerns, thyroid problems and even weight gain! There has also been some linking with leukemia and breast cancer. And did you know it's used to coat the insides of tomato cans?

6 Silicone McNuggets

When you order "chicken" nuggets at McDonald's, you are ordering half chicken, half silicone nuggets. They mix 50% chicken with the same silicone ingredient they use in breast implants.

7 Fruit Fly Eggs

The FDA allows fruit fly eggs in tomato sauce! Up to 30 fruit fly eggs per can! How do they get by with it? By calling them "allowable defects." Make your own sauce and avoid eating eggs from flies!

Disgusting stuff, I know, but it's all true! In this list of facts about your food, was there anything you did know? Anything you want to add? Is there anything you will still eat after learning these things? Please leave a comment!

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