24 Mouthwatering Tamales for the Best Meal of Your Life ...

One of my goals in life is to learn how to make tamales. I mean, can you think of a better crowd pleasing meal for parties? Everyone likes tamales. I've been told they aren't hard to make, so I guess I need to pull myself together and just get it figured out. Then, I know I'll always have a great meal whenever the mood strikes. If you also want to learn to make these little packets of deliciousness, check out these great recipes to get you started.

1. Chicken and Poblano Tamales

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Pork is the most traditional filling for tamales, but chicken tastes great too!

2. Tamale Pie

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If tamales turn out to be too hard for me, I can always fall back on this casserole version for the same taste without all the work.

3. Chicken Tamale Casserole

Via Chicken Tamale Casserole
Here's another mouthwatering casserole version that's easy to throw together without sacrificing any of the taste you count on when you eat a tamale.

4. Corn Husks

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You can't make tamales without a good pile of corn husks. Look for them on the ethnic foods aisle at your supermarket.

5. Roasted Poblano and Cheese Filling

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If you prefer meatless tamales, peppers and cheese make the ultimate alternative.

6. Authentic Tamales

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True tamales are secured with little strips of corn husk to hold them together while you cook them.

7. Cheesy Goodness

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If you do go for the casserole, don't forget to absolutely smother it in cheese. Yum!

8. Cheesy Sweet Corn Tamale Pie

Via Cheesy Sweet Corn Tamale Pie
Doesn't this tamale pie look yummy? I just want to grab a fork and dig right in.

9. Colombian Tamales

Via Mom’s Colombian Tamales (Tamales Colombianos ...
Tamales, like many ethnic foods, vary from region to region, but every single version I've ever had has been absolutely delicious.

10. Small Size

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It might be tempting to load your tamales up, but thinner ones cook faster and are easier to eat.

11. Perfectly Cooked

Via Authentic Pork Tamales Recipe
These tamales have been cooked to perfection. I bet they are just the right texture!

12. Chocolate Tamales

Via Tamales de Chocolate y Nuez
If you've never had a sweet tamale, now is the time to try one out. My husband's aunt used to make the best raisin and cinnamon ones. Tasty!

13. Shredded Pork

Via Authentic Mexican Tamale Recipe: A ...
Like I said above, shredded pork is a classic filling for tamales. And for good reason too - it tastes delicious.

14. Steam Them

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Steaming tamales is the most authentic way of cooking them. Get a big steamer so you can cook a bunch at one time.

15. Red Chile

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Adding red chile to your tamales gives them just the right amount of smokiness.

16. Masa Filling

Via Authentic Mexican Tamale Recipe: A ...
Here's a great example of how the masa is spread in the corn husk.

17. Fancy Presentation

Via hispanickitchen.com
It's simple to put together a tamale, but you have to admit that the presentation is wonderful.

18. Assembly Line

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I've been told that setting up an assembly line is the best way to put together tamales.

19. Chocolate Brownie Tamales

Via Chocolate brownie tamales, sí!
You are going to love these! Don't they look decadent?

20. Sprinkled with Cilantro

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Add a touch of color and a fresh flavor to your tamales by topping them with cilantro just before serving.

21. Dipped in Sauce

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Just a touch of sauce is all you need to bring out the wonderful flavors of your tamale.

22. Served with Salsa

Via Mom's Traditional Mexican Tamales Recipe
Of course, a scoop of homemade salsa is another perfect choice.

23. Slow the Heat

Via Chicken Tamales
If your tamales end up a bit too spicy, a scoop of sour cream can temper the heat.

24. Smothered

Via Real Homemade Tamales
My favorite way to eat tamales is smothered in green chile and cheese!

Do you have any tips for making tamales? What's your favorite filling?