7 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets You Might Have Missed ...


I love to cook, but I love to eat even more, which means I’ve discovered several must-have kitchen gadgets that allow me to prepare meals and enjoy them too. I don’t like cooking if it means I have to find a bunch of obscure ingredients or use a tool that I wouldn’t ever drag out for anything else. However, over the years I’ve compiled my own personal list of must-have kitchen gadgets that make food prep easier and more enjoyable.

1. Food Chopper

Food Chopper

Whether you prefer a manual version or an electric one, a food chopper is one of many invaluable must-have kitchen gadgets that I love. You can use one to quickly dice onions, garlic, celery or carrots for soup. It works for mincing garlic when you make pasta sauce or garlic bread and you can use it to chop nuts for your oatmeal or banana bread. A food chopper is also perfect for making homemade salsa or crushing bread for a crispy chicken coating.

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