Must-Visit Coffee Shops around the World ...


Must-Visit Coffee Shops around the World ...
Must-Visit Coffee Shops around the World ...

Do you want a list of must-visit coffee shops around the world? If you’re a coffee addict like me you already know how many fashions and flavors are attached to this product’s colorful history. Depending on your region this rainbow of rich tastes can be strongly affected. As far as I’m concerned the stronger the better. Of course not everyone’s taste buds work the same. That the perfect cup of joe can set the tone for the rest of the day is, however, inarguable. These fascinating coffee shops are just a few examples of the wide variety of culture and palates that spans this popular drinks numerous locations so be sure to put these must-visit coffee shops around the world on your list.

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Sakley's the Mountain Café - Delhi

interior design, real estate, living room, outdoor structure, Established by a Swiss chef in 1944, Sakley’s is one of the most popular cafés in Delhi. True to its name, this mountain-themed restaurant offers a tranquil atmosphere for its customers, complete with thick wooden walls, large windows and a beautiful view. Complete with a versatile menu and a variety of flavors, this beautiful haven is the perfect retreat for caffeine lovers all over the world and one of the top must-visit coffee shops around the world.


Torrefazione Cannaregio - Venice

facade, retail, display window, boutique, window, An old-fashioned coffee shop with a vintage flair, this little Italian café is one of the few local coffee shops to still possess an in-store roasting license. As soon as you step through the door you will be greeted by the welcoming perfume of fresh coffee beans, ready to be ground right in front of you for you to take home or enjoy right there. While this shop might be a little difficult to spot if you’re not looking for it, you’ll never forget it once you’re inside.


Maman Coffee Shop - New York

table, interior design, furniture, dining room, home, Enjoy your cappuccino to the tone of a cozy country atmosphere. From the cultural fare served on floral-patterned china to the delectable lavender-infused hot chocolate, this shop will captivate your taste buds and your camera. With four different locations around the NYC area, this quaint little coffee shop is easily at your disposal. Don’t let its charming façade deceive you, this shop is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike.


Ten Belles - Paris

drink, glass, Located off the banks of the canal, this tiny coffee shop with its hipster vibe, was one of the first of its kind to open in Paris. Serving up fresh coffee from the infamous roaster just a walk away, they top off the experience with an array of breakfast and lunch dishes that are the ideal accent to a steamy cup of joe. A perfect sample of the Parisian scene, enjoy your meal to the soothing backdrop of the moving water.


Balconi Coffee Company - Los Angeles

drink, liqueur, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, stemware, Watching as the baristas shift between siphon pots is comparable to watching a mad scientist at work, fascinating and enticing. Surrounded by a broad selection of revolving flavors, you will never find yourself short on options. What started as an obscure shop in 1997 has since blossomed into a modern masterpiece. This unique method of creating the perfect cup has been around for ages and these guys do it well. Sure there might be a little bit of a wait but surrounded by the smooth flow of energy you’ll never notice.


Da Matteo - Gothenburg

coffeehouse, drink, café, restaurant, distilled beverage, Famous for its delicious fruity espresso, this coffee shop is a can’t miss. Favored by the locals for its delicious drinks, freshly baked pastries, and nostril tingling pizza, this café offers a diverse range of alternatives for its customers to savor. Don’t be afraid to ask the bakers about their craft. These culinary artists will be thrilled to provide you with information. Enjoy the outdoors and settle on the quaint terrace at the front of the café. A warm blend of handmade delicacies and freshly brewed gems, this café will never fail to satisfy your craving, no matter your preferences.


The Coffee Academics - Hong Kong

retail, interior design, café, boutique, This on-site coffee roaster will give you a whole new appreciation of the world-renowned beverage. This café provides its customers with a relaxed setting that is the perfect place to work on an article or just sit back and enjoy the scene. Top it off with one of the enticing Asian dishes at your disposal and you’ll have the perfect combination. From the heavy perfume of the recently ground beans to the delightful taste of the meticulously crafted brew Coffee Academics is a gold mine for all coffee lovers alike.

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