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I have been on a hunt to find some natural sweet treats to enjoy without giving in to truly sugary treats. I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, including cutting way back on my sugar consumption. These are some treats that I have found hit the spot for me without giving in to a candy bar or a package of cookies. After a while, these natural sweet treats begin to really feel and taste like a dessert to you and can really help you out when you are dealing with a sugar craving.

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Yogurt I have a love-hate relationship with yogurt and I will freely admit that. I have a feeling some of you out there feel the exact same way. I think you have to acquire a taste for yogurt. For me, I had to find some yogurt that I liked enough to consider to be one of the natural sweet treats I enjoy. Some of my favorites are Yoplait Light in Blueberry, Peach or Strawberry Shortcake.


Hot Tea with Honey

Hot Tea with Honey Hot tea with honey can be a nice evening treat when you are craving something. While honey is sweet, it is not the same as stirring teaspoon after teaspoon of table sugar into your tea. Honey has other benefits, too. Many people believe that it can help with allergies because it is made from all of the local pollens in your area, which is a good reason to always buy your honey locally. For our family, anything that helps with allergies is a bonus we want to take advantage of.


Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots Oh, my goodness! I cannot tell you how much I love dried apricots. They are almost like candy to me. I do not know why they taste so much sweeter when they are dried but they do. They make a perfect mid-afternoon snack. Grabbing some of these is much better than having a huge handful of cookies or a slice of the leftover office birthday cake.


Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady Apples These are my newest love as far as natural sweet treats go. I love apples anyway, but this variety takes that love to a whole new level. Pink Lady apples are very juicy and sweet with just enough tang to them. This has become an almost nightly snack for me. It also comes in at just around a hundred calories so it is a great choice in more ways than one. If you have not tried them yet, you must add them to your grocery list!


Fresh Coconut

Fresh Coconut Okay, I am a fan of coconut in any way I can get it. But since I have recently broken up with Almond Joy, fresh coconut is the next best thing. It is sweet and a unique treat. Another thing that I love about fresh coconut is that it does not take a lot of it to meet that craving for sweets. One coconut can go a very long way.


Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes Frozen grapes are a great snack for those times when you just feel like you can’t get enough to eat. Does anyone else have those days? When you are, any snack that gives you a repetitive motion of eating foods one at a time is a great choice. Foods like popcorn, nuts and frozen grapes fit that bill perfectly. Additionally, they are very sweet and taste even more so after they are frozen.


A Natural Slush

A Natural Slush I love a good slush. Since slushes are full of sugar and I am trying to get away from that, I have learned that I can make a natural slush to enjoy from the comfort of my own home. It is so simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply crush some ice up to the consistency that you want and add some fruit juice over top. If you want to cut the sugar content even further than that, you can mix your juice with water and still have a delicious treat.

It is hard to get away from reaching for a sugary treat when you want one but these are some more natural alternatives you can choose from to have a sweet. What do you do for a sweet treat when you want to stay away from sugar? I can’t wait to read your ideas!

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Oh n frozen grapes are the BEST!

Most yogurt has crazy amounts of sugar.

I don't see how this is not giving into sugar. Yoplait light has a ton of fake processed sugar, fruit is also very high in sugar.

You know what should be on this list...Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread! 0 sugar and only 1 net carb! Also gluten free, vegan and paleo! It's sweetened with chicory! Can't get more natural than that!

Mila Kunis is always eating in the pix on here lol

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