13 Natural Sweeteners That Make You Gain Weight ...


While natural sweeteners do have their benefits, they’re not completely free of guilt, and there are some things you should know before choosing the natural sweetener route. Many of them do contain great vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but they also come with the same amount of calories as pure sugar, and affect your gylcemic index the same way. You don’t have to resort to ariticial sweeteners as the answer either. They’ve actually been proven to increase sugar cravings and are toxic to your whole body. Avoid these natural sweeteners if you’re watching your weight. While I do recognize their health benefits, those benefits don’t negate the calories they include.

1. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Probably my favorite of all natural sweeteners is maple syrup, but it’s extremely high in sugar with 14 grams of sugar in just 1 tbsp! That’s as much as some candy bars out there, and if you’re like me, one tablespoon of maple syrup isn’t near enough since it’s so tasty! Maple syrup is rich in many B vitamins and antioxidants, but it’s still calorically the same per teaspoon as sugar.

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